JL Savants “About Last Year” Album and Website Launch

Philadelphia, PA — June 26, 2024 — JL Savant, the rising star in the music industry, is set to captivate audiences with his highly anticipated album, “About Last Year.” Simultaneously, he’s launching his official website, JLSaVant.com, providing fans with an immersive experience into his artistic journey.

About the Album
“About Last Year” is a raw and introspective collection of tracks that delve into JL SaVant’s personal experiences, growth, and reflections. With his signature lyrical prowess and soulful beats, he invites listeners to join him on a sonic voyage through memories, emotions, and life-changing moments. From gritty street narratives to vulnerable confessions, this album promises to resonate with a diverse audience.

Key Tracks:
“Lick”: A charged crowd chanting summer anthem with hard hitting 808s and humorous one liners.
“T.F.T (That Freestyle Though)”: An unrelenting display of high energy lyricism laced with witty punchlines and fierce flow switches.
“Storm”: A soulful bluesy hip-hop hybrid describing heartbreak through a mix of captivating metaphors and melodies.

The Website Launch
jlsavant.com is more than just a standard artist website. It’s an interactive hub where fans can:

Explore JL SaVant’s Journey: Dive into his biography, from humble beginnings to his rise to stardom.
Listen to Exclusive Tracks: Get early access to unreleased music and behind-the-scenes recordings by joining the mailing list (VantSquad).
Connect with JL SaVant: Engage with the artist through blog posts, Q&A sessions, and fan forums.

Quotes from JL SaVant
“This album is my heart spilled onto beats. ‘About Last Year’ is a time capsule of emotions, mistakes, and growth. I can’t wait for my fans to experience it.” — JL SaVant

“Launching jlsavant.com feels like opening my home to the world. It’s where my music lives beyond the notes—a place for connection and authenticity.” — JL SaVant

Stay Tuned
“About Last Year” drops on June 26, 2024, available on jlsavant.com. Visit to explore JL SaVant’s universe and be part of the journey.

For media inquiries, interviews, or review copies, please contact:

Press Contact: Name: Management Email: management@jlsavant.com

Follow JL SaVant on social media:

Instagram: JL_SaVant
TikTok: JL_SaVant
Youtube: JL_SaVant
Kick: JL_SaVant

About JL SaVant
JL SaVant, born and bred in Philly, is more than an artist—he’s a storyteller. His lyrics cut through the noise, inviting listeners to reflect, relate, and groove. With a blend of hip-hop and authenticity, JL SaVant is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music landscape.

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For more information, visit jlsavant.com.

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