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Australian Artist Jeremy Harry Harris

Jeremy Harry Harris, an Australian singer-songwriter, faced the pandemic era with an emotional rollercoaster. The cancellation of a meticulously planned three-month South American tour triggered a mix of frustration, anger, and sadness. He found himself contemplating the loss of loved ones and societal disconnect during these challenging times.

Amidst the turmoil, Harry found creative inspiration for a new album while witnessing the Russia/Ukraine conflict in early 2022. Collaborating with Cuban musician Reinier Martin Rodriguez, they formed a unique musical partnership despite living on opposite sides of the world. Together, they crafted a concept album, “Walking With My Darkness,” delving into profound themes of grief, loss, and the darker aspects of human nature.
The album’s title aptly encapsulates the essence of the 11 songs, offering an introspective look at darkness from a metaphorical perspective. Harry believes that everyone harbours shades of light and darkness, and the album questions how those aspects are expressed in life.
During the writing process, Harry confronted his own grief and anger, realizing he was not alone in experiencing such emotions. The album transcends the personal realm, exploring the global toll of the pandemic with its devastating losses of jobs, income, family, friends, relationships, and life itself.

However, “Walking With My Darkness” goes beyond doom and gloom, showcasing a resilient spirit and the will to survive. Harry emphasizes the acceptance of life’s challenges and the choice to make the best of it, refusing to lead a miserable existence.
The album’s first single, “Flatline D.O.A.,” serves as a powerful starting point, addressing the overwhelming magnitude of death, destruction, and loss experienced during the pandemic. Accompanied by a captivating music video produced by Pete Renzullo, the single captures the essence of confronting life’s most challenging moments when no choice remains.

“Walking With My Darkness” represents a transformative shift for Harry. While pleased with his 2019 debut solo album, “Kings Of Time,” he believes it bore traces of his previous band, Stone Circle. This new endeavour signifies a fresh start and a clean slate.
Recorded at RMR Studios Cuba and Scudley Studios in Perth, “Flatline D.O.A.” will be released through Epictronic Records and The Orchard/Sony on August 25, 2023. Two more singles will follow before the album’s full release in February 2024. Harry is excited to embark on a tour with his band, eager to deliver an unforgettable experience on stage.

At 46, Harry has reached a point in life where he seeks to thrive rather than merely exist. Unafraid to explore profound emotions through his music, he cherishes the freedom to express himself authentically.

Jeremy Harry Harris’s “Walking With My Darkness” offers a captivating journey through human experiences, reflecting the resilience to overcome adversity while embracing the depths of darkness within us all.

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Australian Singer-songwriter Jeremy Harry Harris navigated pandemic emotions, collaborating with Cuban musician Reinier Martin Rodriguez on the album "Walking With My Darkness." Reflecting grief, resilience, and global impact, the album's debut single, "Flatline D.O.A.," captures these struggles. The album releases on February 16, 20243, marking a fresh musical start for Harris.