Jerad Finck releases “Home” single


Swirling in the atmosphere around us, a synthesized harmony transforms from a miniscule element in an enormous melody into a full-blown, high-powered force to be reckoned with as we engage in the first thirty seconds of sonic bliss that Jerad Finck’s “Home” is able to dish out. Finck’s vocal has a prominent place in the mix, but it’s not as ominous as the instrumentation that’s accompanying it is until we get into the chorus of the song. The energy is sensuous, and the rhythm is outfitted with a pushy percussive nuance that isn’t all-bass nor all-drum. The magic is only getting started as we encounter the track’s stately hook for the first time, and if you manage to get through the whole of “Home” without feeling the uncontrollable urge to swing your hips to its seductive sway, then you’re a stronger and more disciplined soul than I. Finck incorporates elements from across the sonic spectrum into his latest single, and though it’s one of the most ambitious recordings he’s ever committed to master tape, he doesn’t just refuse to back down from the lofty goal set before him in this song – he charges forward with everything he’s got and comes out sounding like a star.

Jerad Finck – Home (Official Video)

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The bassline here is larger than life, but the vocal track is the undisputed champion of “Home” from the moment that it enters the fold to the very second that it departs from view at the end of the song. There’s a lovely swagger in his execution that adds to the cunning, mischievous tone of the rhythm that the verses help to shape, and as bold and overbearing as the bass tries to be in this single, it never stands a chance next to the regal crooning that Finck dispenses from center stage. I like the way that this master mix was layered as to make every detail within both the instrumentation and the singing easier for us to hear, and moreover, relate to. There’s an ocean of emotionality just waiting to come undone as we approach the chorus for the first time, and in one fell swoop, it’s unleashed unto anyone within earshot.

There are plenty of reasons to be watching this singer/songwriter right now, but chief among them all is the eccentrically experimental depth that he’s exploring in the new single “Home,” which in my opinion could be the most profound composing that Jerad Finck has ever shared with us. Don’t get me wrong; it’s by no means the most powerful piece of music that I’ve heard in the last decade, nor is it something that I think will change pop as we know it – but at any rate, it’s somewhat of a creative breakthrough for the man responsible for its existence. There’s nothing but sly confidence in every twist and turn that we take in this performance, and while he’s never come across as shy or inept at the microphone before, he’s giving even more of himself over to us in “Home,” and making an unforgettable impression in doing so. Jared Finck’s story is nowhere near over, and this latest chapter is his most melodic and intriguing so far.


Photo by Nick Alexander

Clay Burton