JB Elwood Tells Us – “Don’t Go Looking for Love.”

JB Elwood "Don't Go Looking for Love"

“Don’t Go Looking for Love”, the latest offering from Austin-based singer-songwriter JB Elwood, is an inspiring hymn for everyone who has ever been trapped in a toxic relationship. The song is a rallying cry for those who are battling with the fragility of love and a reminder that there is hope. “Don’t Go Looking for Love” is a soulful song accompanied by a beautiful video, which was directed by Alexx Dominguez. It was filmed all across Austin, Texas, amid bright and spacious vistas, and it follows JB Elwood as he makes his way through several locations that are laden with symbols of his sadness. He pulls out a map and follows it as it leads him towards what seems to be the direction of love. However, toxicity can follow you wherever you go.

The sequences in the song video, in which his “ex-girlfriend” is following him, are meant to represent how getting away from an unhealthy relationship is never simple, but it is always worth it to make a choice to start over. Do not give up if you feel as though your feelings are submerging you; there is always a way out. “Don’t Go Looking for Love” is loaded with appealing hooks, potent licks, and connected lyrics about the tragedy of searching for love.

JB Elwood is a marvelous musician who doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing his ideas and feelings. He is armed with his reliable 1960s Gibson Dove guitar, which was a gift from his late grandfather Eugene Jackson, whom he calls “Poppy.” Music is in JB Elwood’s blood and veins as he comes from a musical family in West Virginia. Some of his ancestors, including his grandpa, played the fiddle, banjo, and guitar, and others performed gospel songs on the local radio station.

JB Elwood chose his stage name in order to pay tribute to his other grandfather, John Elwood Ball. JB Elwood’s music is a combination of pop, alternative, country, and folk elements, and it has the ability to tug at the heartstrings of everyone. He has released a number of songs, including “Don’t Go Looking for Love” and “Say Oh”, both of which feature intriguing music videos that can be viewed on YouTube. The most recent one is titled “Something in the Water,” and it is a pop/alternative country song dealing with fleeing the 9 to 5 lifestyle. Reportedly, it will be followed by a music video very soon as well.

“Don’t Go Looking for Love” is now available on all the major platforms, including Spotify. Follow JB Elwood’s musical adventure by checking out his Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify channels.

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