Jay Turk Get Familiar With the Newcomer

In just one year, Jay Turk has gone from a high school football star to climbing up to a top placement on the charts for his song “Designer Love”
Jaleel Browning was born on July 12,1999 in Dallas, Texas. Growing up, Jay Turk spent most of his time playing football. Just recently became a music guru. While he likes to be the only person cleaning his vocals, Jay Turk loves linking up with different producers to create his own new style development. The Dallas-born rapper separates from his self from rap peers with an melodic sound and deep reverence for art itself. His smooth process translates to music packed with potent images and emotions. Aside from the visual, this record truly shows off Jay Turks impeccable range, allowing him to raise and lower his pitch as well as his dexterity on a very unique instrumental as well. Not only can he rap with so much emotion behind his words, but he also knows how to masterfully mix his vocals as background music.

Jay Turk – Music

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