James McCullum Signs Radio Deal With Music And Film


James McCullum Signs Radio Deal With Music And Film

Music is the one thing that comes and goes but, when it comes to the sound of original rock in the rock world change is returning!
According to sources the old rock signature sound has returned on the block with the james McCullum Project that brings with them experience, experience, and more experience with their individual stories to tell.

Traveling the world with some of the greatest names in rock history the James McCullum Project, is out on their own to rock the stage, increase their own fan base, and more than anything bring the rock signature sound back to the stage.

While keeping lyrics positive. With the new album ready, and hitting the stores, and igniting the airplay Music and Film, had to step up to be the label to deliver some of their amazing sound that comes from the album. “Unchartered Territory.”

James, gives his manager the credit for the deal but, according to Milliea McKinney, she says, she was just the messenger, of the sound that the band all contributed some wonderful musical work, and James, showed his true artistry as a musician, and as an engineer for musical production.
Now that the album is out McKinney, says her boys are working up some surprises, and will be hitting the stage soon knowing they are going to’ rock your world,’ if you let them… A song undoubtedly written before its time as it is the song under the biggest demand where ever
true rock is delivered.

The other heart beating and drum pounding songs featured in their released album hit airwaves on July 16th, and is expected to take over then charts the boys in the band can’t wait to hit the stage again to bring with it a lesson for the newer generation that try to create their original sound but, take it from those who know this band ‘not possible,’ though many have, do and will try. They only learn that the sound is a trademark created with the heavy hitters in rock.

That’s all good because, it says one thing this band is an original growing up in the many years of rock they have learned what stays around, and what fades out in time.

One thing for sure this band is an original as they will continue to rock the world. The James McCullum Project! Hitting your record stores soon! With patented songs written from those who grew up with the real deal rockers that made rock what is is today and will be for centuries to come.