Jabrit Presents “Decade” EP: A Musical Journey of 10 Years of Life

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Ravenna, Italy — Jabrit is excited to announce the release of his new EP, titled “Decade.” This musical work represents a unique experience as the artist explores and narrates 10 years of life through his music. The EP offers an authentic and intimate storytelling without excessive embellishments or self-references.

“Decade” by Jabrit is a compelling musical journey that spans a decade of personal experiences and reflections. With evocative melodies and profound lyrics, the artist provides the audience with a sincere and thoughtful listening experience. The EP remains focused on the essence of emotions and the stories being told, avoiding any unnecessary showmanship.

“Decade” comprises three main tracks, namely “1997 (Mediterranean),” “1988,” and “1995.” Each song immerses listeners into the depths of emotions Jabrit experienced in the past.

“1997 (Mediterranean)” is a sonic experience that transports us to the warm atmosphere and vivid colors of the Mediterranean, providing a unique perspective on the emotions that inspired it. “1988” encapsulates an intimate melancholy, while “1995” delves into the depths of a past depression, exploring the complexity of the human psyche. Each track has its own unique identity and tells a personal story, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in Jabrit’s profound emotions.

Take a deep dive into the emotional journey expressed through his tracks. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover Jabrit’s musical voyage and explore his experiences through the power of music.

Jabrit presents the “Decade” EP, a musical narrative that embraces 10 years of the artist’s life. The EP delivers evocative melodies and profound lyrics, without unnecessary embellishments or self-references. The audience is encouraged to discover this sincere and reflective storytelling through Jabrit’s music.

To listen to Jabrit’s “Decade” EP and experience his musical journey of 10 years of life, visit his official website or follow him on social media. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with Jabrit’s authentic artistic expression in this engaging voyage through his life experiences.

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Jabrit comes from a professional musical background as a touring musician for over 20 years and decides to resurrect old musical ideas. His soul is essentially rock, which, as genre enthusiasts know well, can be found everywhere: in every music genre, in a movie, a photograph, and even in a philosophy. His journey, therefore, encompasses electronic music as a whole and all its nuances


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