J. J. Crowne: Multi-Faceted Musical Career Reaches New Creative Peak with The Release of Another Day Of Love

Odds are that you’ve heard J.J. Crowne’s music before, probably without knowing it was his. Now, with Another Day Of Love, radio programmers and music lovers all over the place will at long last be able to put a name and a face to J.J.’s passionate and timely musical and lyrical vision.

Working with the ace production and mixing team of Stephen Wrench and Jeff Silverman , Crowne has crafted his strongest work yet, his newest project Another Day Of Love.

Crowne taught himself piano, guitar, and bass starting at age 9, and eventually became so accomplished that he was accepted at Ohio’s prestigious Oberlin Conservatory of Music, where he dazzled the faculty and fellow students with the beginnings of an original rock opera but also quickly realized that his lack of formal musical training might hold him back. So after a year, he continued on back in Miami as a writer and producer of numerous TV themes for the likes of FOX TV, PBS and Univision, as well as numerous radio jingles and theatrical scores. Along the way, J.J. went to law school and now, together with his musical projects, he proudly represents the indigent.

This brave fight for causes which others consider lost is carried over artistically in Another Day Of Love, a compelling song that intersperses audio of epochal 1960s radio news headlines with J.J.’s guitar-based melodies and the story of a man who maintains hope, despite a cynical world that he feels in many ways has gone mad.

Like Todd Rundgren and Prince, J.J. plays all the instrument and sings all the vocal parts on the entire 5-song EP. Early on, however, Crowne’s own ambitious production overwhelmed his vocals.

“At first, I liked J.J.’s lyrics and melodies but didn’t like his production,” producer Stephen Wrench. “He was very agreeable to everything I said, and that’s just wonderful. Every song on this EP sounds different. Some sound a little like Jim Croce, others like the Byrds.”

The result is a powerhouse career statement for a guy whose remarkable career even included opening shows for Marilyn Manson in the early 1990s. New songs such as “Toy Soldiers” and “She And He” give listeners a glimpse into Crowne’s deeply personal and radio-friendly musical and lyrical vision.

“I’m very happy with the reaction to the new EP so far,” J.J. says. “A lot of Internet stations have been playing it. Now, we’re also going for broadcast Adult Contemporary and Hot AC play with songs like `Best Of Intentions’ and `Another Day Of Love.’ ”

For J.J. Crowne, a guy who has happily toiled in the background of the musical scene for a long time,Another Day Of Love finally enables him to step into the spotlight, and enables radio and listeners all over the world the chance to embrace him and his music – and this time to start to get to know the man behind the magic.