Irish rapper Malik the Melanated Militant shares new single ‘No Simp-Athy’ ahead of debut EP ‘Art of War’

Having consistently dropped heat ever since his breakthrough single “Milage” Malik has proven to be a prolific succession of the Gliders movement, cementing his status as a serious prospect in the music industry. Malik returns with a genre-blending fusion of Latin and Irish drill entitled “No Simp-Athy”, which sees him lace Liam Harris’s trumpet-driven production with a relentless, conversational flow, and brazen rhymes aimed at his haters and doubters. Through social commentary, Malik explores the themes of brotherhood, modern relationships, struggles and life as a musician in Irish society.

His latest offering demonstrates what is to be expected in his debut EP ‘Art of War’ and judging by its first single, “No Simp-Athy”, it sounds as if it’ll be landing at exactly the right time of year.
Directed by UncleJafanetwork, peep the visuals for “No Simp-Athy” exclusively above as the chaos ensues around the streets of Dublin, and be sure to add the song to your playlist


Malik is an exceptional 23-year-old musician of Nigerian and Irish descent, whose unique style of wordplay and lyricism has captivated audiences with its ability to interweave a mental visual explosion of life experiences as a young African in the Emerald Isles. Having grown up in a foreign land that he now calls home, Malik’s music offers a fresh perspective that challenges the norm and explores complex themes that are often overlooked in mainstream music.

Drawing inspiration from his personal experiences, Malik’s ability to address social hierarchies, gender roles, family struggles, and the question of spirit is at the core of his mission statement. His music serves as a powerful tool for advocacy and highlights the importance of diversity and inclusivity in today’s society. Through his thought-provoking lyrics and poignant melodies, Malik’s music resonates with people from all walks of life, inspiring them to question their beliefs and embrace a more harmonious way of life.

As a rising star in the music industry, Malik’s unique sound and message have garnered him a loyal following through the Gliders movement, and he continues to make waves with his art. With a promising future ahead of him, Malik is on a mission to create music that inspires positive change, while staying true to his roots and cultural heritage. Debut EP ‘Art of War’ coming soon.