For those that have never heard about your charity global foundation named One Little Finger, tell us a little about your focus.

We aim to take media initiatives by creating musical albums, films, and educational programs and building a

worldwide community focused on social causes. We are reaching out to children and artists worldwide to contribute.

One of our ideas is to pair up children who live in other countries to collaborate and exchange ideas.

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Who are some famous names that have supported/worked with your charity?

Julian Lennon, Quincy Jones, Dave Mason, Dan Aykroyd, John Wetton, Geoff Downs, Alan White, Billy Sherwood, Annie Haslam, Siedah Garrett

Do you work with human rights organizations?

We work with non-profit organizations around the world, supporting human rights and diversity. We work with special needs schools and organizations to promote inclusion and create a platform for the students.

What’s the name of the latest CD? should people want to help support the charity and the project?

“Arise Together – Children of the World”

Funds received normally go to assist various causes; name some.

For education, research, and creating a platform of media opportunities for the children.

Tell us more about the CD..

Released on August 25th

“Arise Together-Children of the World” features over 500 children from Ukraine, Uganda, India, Mexico, Cuba, the UK, and the United States.

Known artists include Julian Lennon, Dave Mason, Gandhi’s Grandson Arun Gandhi, The Alphabet Rockers, Randy and Dave, Stacey Peasley.

What are your next plans for the foundation?

Our foundation collaborates with non-profit organizations, special-needs schools, and celebrities worldwide. The project aims to educate and inspire younger minds through music, education, and collaboration. We have been working with Human Rights Organizations in India, street children and orphanages in Africa, wounded children in Ukraine, and so on. The projects raise awareness and promote inclusion and diversity through love, compassion, humanity, and intercultural dialogues.

Our projects involve the children for a noble cause by providing them with learning opportunities and raising funds for their education.

We have been leading several initiatives through music and films over the years. Our previous media projects made history (One Little Finger film, a cast of over 80 children and young adults with disabilities), received accolades, and charted #1 on Billboard! We have worked with local communities and artists in over 35 countries, featuring Dan Aykroyd, Julian Lennon, Quincy Jones, Siedah Garrett, Kathy Sledge, Janis Ian, and many others.

Please visit the site to learn more about our projects, link below.

Who is the founder of One Little Finger? Tell us about the Director as well.

Dr. Rupam Sarmah, Founder.

Kevin Mackie Director: Kevin has been working with charities (producing, writing, and performing) for over 25 years and has received several international awards.

Any music nominations or awards to date?

Rupam Sarmah: Guinness World Records holder, charted #1 on Billboard World Music Chart; an international award-winning Filmmaker (last film: One Little Finger with a case of over 80 children with Disabilities)

Kevin Mackie: Grammy Award Winner, Two Time Grammy Nominee

Lastly, the foundation works will help local communities & artists in over 35 countries, correct?

Yes, and we continue to work with children from around the world.

We have worked with artists and people from all walks of life in over 30 countries. We thank everyone for their support!




End of Interview