Interview with Mandy Dickson

You have a new album coming soon – give us all of the details on it!!

I’m so excited about this project! It’s an album of cover songs by some of my favorite artists, like the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Queen, Elton John, and more. The fun thing is that my versions of these songs are, for the most part, completely different than the originals. think a good song is like a diamond: you turn it a little bit and new light shines. I wanted to reinvent the songs and tell them from my female perspective. It really started with this unique version of Here Comes the Sun that started to develop in my head about 6 years ago! Soon I was relating the lyrics to things I’d experienced as a woman. An example is Rocket Man. For me, that song became a metaphor for being a woman in the workplace. It’s like, I have to go off to space and prove I can do everything a man does out here, but how to I deal with all the parts of me that are left back home? Pretty soon I had found a story with each song, and in an album order that tells a journey to and through womanhood.

Where are you currently located and where are you originally from?

I live in Los Angeles. I’m from Columbus, Ohio and I have lived in New York, Florida, Connecticut, and Japan before settling down in California. This is the place I’m gonna stay!

That being said, do you believe you have to live in LA to “make it”?

It depends what your personal definition of “making it” is. If you want to release your own music, you can record from home and do that anywhere. But there are several projects and tours I’ve worked on that specifically wanted LA-based singers and musicians. There are recording opportunities for film and TV that are only in LA. And if you’re also interested in commercials or sidelining (playing a musician on screen), that’s here in LA. Most of the big players are out here. So being here is definitely a way to expand your opportunities.

Please answer the following… “If my fans really knew me, they would know that… ”

I’m really silly and goofy!

Who would you say have been biggest supporters in your career so far?

Definitely my parents and my husband, Tim. My parents saw my talent early on and really gave me every opportunity they could to nurture it. They’ve always done everything they can to help me reach my potential! Tim is also so supportive and is with me every step of the way.

What advice would you give to young girls looking to do what you’re doing?

Stay connected to WHY you want to do it. There is a lot of rejection and lots of ups and downs in the entertainment industry. If you stay connected to that passion and purpose, it will fuel you when times are hard. Also, be really authentic with your music. Know yourself and don’t try to be anyone else. There is only one you!

Where can fans get the new album and find you on social media?

My new album is on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Apple- wherever you download or stream music.

I love to connect on social media and can be found on Instagram @lifeofmandydickson . , and my YouTube Channel is called Mandy Dickson Music. You can also keep up to date with me at .

End of Interview