Interview with Emily Daccarett

What are you doing to make sure you make the best of this year in music? 

I’m taking my time to enjoy the music making process. I think we, the artists and industry, put so much pressure to come out with one hit after the next. Art takes  time and we had forgotten that. We need time to make mistakes and experiment so we can come out with something unique and exciting.

How much does it count to never count yourself out? 

It counts so much! If you don’t believe in yourself, then how do you expect others  to believe in you. Don’t get me wrong I definitely have my moments of “I’m not  enough”, “I’ll never accomplish anything”, but that’s when you need to become  your own cheerleader and push aside all doubt.

Who is someone that inspires your confidence that you can do this too? 

Both my mom and dad, they taught me that I’m no different from the idols I admire. What separates us from those who have made it, is the drive and  commitment we put into whatever we do.

You have new music coming out SOON! How much work does it require to make  new music? 

Yes I do!!! My lead single Fading Memories is coming out March 18th and the album Yours Always shortly after.

You know I always underestimate how much time and work new music is going to  take. I’m never fully satisfied with my work, but I think it’s so important to know when to stop. You always feel like there is room for improvement and you want to  keep on adding or changing the song until it’s perfect. At the same time, it’s not a  bad thing at all to aim for perfection, as a wise teacher once said “The moment  you feel your work is perfect, it’s time to retire because you no longer have the  motivation to keep on perfecting your craft”.

Thank you for your time! Please give us your socials! 

Thank you for having me!!! 9RJX9KKfQ

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