Interview with Dylan Burr of Lorus

Interview by Phil Peretz of Indie Artists Alliance | Indie4Life

What genre of music do you usually perform? 

We’re a heavy instrumental band that jumps between metal, jazz, funk, ambient, and rock genres,

Our music is like someone has a firm hold on your face and wont let go. Alan Lawrence (keys) Chris Brown (bass) and Joe Ciffullo (drums) and I play guitar.

How did you get started? 

Well, I’ve been playing guitar for over 10 years now and only in  the last 3 years have had a band that I am exceptionally proud of and can keep it together.

Who would you say has inspired you?

We’re most inspired by artists like Mike Patton, Melvins, Tool, Boards of Canada, Philip Glass, Mogwai, and Meshuggah.

Your last song was Babylon, how did that song come together?

Basically we came up with the main riff from jamming together and just kept going adding more and more tempo and style changes along the way while still trying to make it cohesive. When one of us couldn’t think of a next part someone else would toss something in a take it in a different direction. 

What’s new for you guys?

We just finished mixing our second record, first full length. We don’t have an official title or a release date planned yet but we’re aiming for May/June. Once we get it mastered we can get it out there.

Are you working on anything new?  

Well we have been having some drummer woes lately and had to get someone to play on the upcoming cd but he is unable to play live so we again, have to find a drummer. And, whoever it is has to play the incredible stuff that Joe did on the newest release.  

Where are some of the places that you have been playing? 

Mainly we have been playing in and around Chicago. As soon as we get another drummer on board we can get back to ripping peoples faces off!

Where can people learn more about you? 

Our website is a good start. The design is going to change with this release so what you see now will be different in 2 months. Myspace is good too for the short and sweet info with music.

What words of wisdom do you have for other musicians who are just getting started? 

Keep working. I think the greatest thing we have learned is that nothing just happens to you. You have to make it happen and being at the right place at the right time is key as well. Make friends with all the bands you can. Even if you think they suck. You can help each other with shows and contacts. Just cause you don’t dig their music doesn’t mean you can’t be friends. And, If you really want it go for it. You’re not going to get it otherwise.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share with the fans? 

Sure. Keep coming to the shows and finding us after to thanks us. It’s great to see how many people we surprise at our shows. We’re not well known, so I always enjoy getting someone psyched who hasn’t heard us before.

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