INDIGO Releases “Rock The Boat”

The newest single by Miami’s INDIGO, is called “Rock The Boat.” It’s a tribute of sorts to the late Aaliyah, who recorded a song of the same name. Funny enough, it’s actually another songstress that INDIGO resembles, that being Rhianna. INDIGO began singing at the age of 4, and has since added, producer and songwriter to her resume. She’s also said to be able to play several instruments. Her musical savvy is apparent on her new single; a tropical flavored love gone awry song that’s easy to move to.


“Rock The Boat” tells the story of INDIGO’s heartbreak and recovery. It could also be some sort of a metaphor for her career. It’s been reported that she dealt with several “external challenges,” en route to releasing this track. Reading between the lines, it would seem that INDIGO was possibly being held back by both circumstances and people. On “Rock The Boat,” she impressively and admirably absolves her pain, with an international Pop song that inspires the feet and quells the heart.

Musically, “Rock The Boat” is your standard dance song, with studio beats and meticulous production. It’s actually INDIGO’S phrasing and subsequent vocal delivery that makes this track stand out. She has the likeability and aural charisma of iconic women like Aaliyah and Janet Jackson. She radiates positive energy, which immediately sets her apart and enhances the appeal of her music. There are several hooks and subtle dynamic shifts throughout “Rock The Boat,” that most will find engrossing and inviting.

INDIGO – Rock The Boat (Official Video)

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The music video for “Rock The Boat,” fittingly takes place on what else, a boat. There’s a few scene changes, most notably one that sees INDIGO and her friends at a night club. The setting is scenic and enticing, and INDIGO maximizes her screen time, with her strong presence. There’s just something amazingly disarming about her, that makes people feel good about themselves. Perhaps most impressively, are the choreographed dance scenes with INDIGO and a few backup dancers. The sequences make INDIGO look like a star, this video is overall a thumbs-up effort.

Don’t know what you did you got me feeling for you/I’m hopin that you’ll catch me/cause I’m fallin for you. INDIGO remains remarkably upbeat, even though her relationship is falling through the sand, no pun intended. Contrary to many Pop songs, INDIGO’S raw emotions seem genuine on “Rock The Boat.” In an age in which women seem more empowered and dominant than vulnerable, INDIGO isn’t afraid to expose her heart. It’s all that she can do to come to terms with her metaphorical scars that will heal, but never fully fade.

Rock The Boat

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“Rock The Boat” possesses unique qualities. It has a Caribbean feel that can instantly transport you to an ideal setting. INDIGO herself is a talented and inimitable singer. She possesses all of the necessary attributes to reach the next level. Granted she merely rocks the boat, without tipping it over, we could be hearing a lot more from her in the future.

Clay Burton