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Ian Guerin is an R&B singer/songwriter who has had an incredible year in 2019 including extremely well received new album entitled “Irreplaceable,” numerous interviews, appearances and awards. I sat with Ian to discuss his plans for the holidays, the new year and what we can expect in 2020.

I have a feeling 2020 is going to be a super big year for you, what are your plans?

My biggest plan is to bring a sense of calmness, hope, love & inner peace & empowerment to fans through music. I read a lot of people reviewing their year as being tough on them for various reasons & I see they’re really thirsty for joy, inner peace & a sense of liberation & accomplishment, so I would love to give them music that fulfills those needs & wants; an empowering anthem that makes them feel like they can tackle anything & achieve their goals. I want that & to perform live for them & give them a show that makes them forget about their worries & their sorrow & has them come out of there saying “god I feel recharged & ready to rock the world out of its foundations.”

It takes careful planning, but I want that & to take my career one step further so that my platform to make people happy & strong gets bigger! We’re in this together — fans & I — so I want both of us to enjoy the ride; new music, tour & bigger platforms to continue sharing this journey with everyone who wants to be a part of it. Life is a party & everyone’s invited.

How do rock stars, or in your case R&B stars celebrate the holidays? What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?

In my case I have a moment for myself before whatever the event is that I’m attending. A moment to reflect, to be grateful and thank myself for always believing in my dream & for never giving up halfway through the journey. Then probably meet up with friends & have a sip of Rosé, sing some of the songs I love & “For the Holidays”, my Christmas song, because I’ve recently realized performing it gives me life like few things do.

I want to hug my parents & my sister & tell them I love them. I’m a simple guy, I find happiness in the simplest moments, but after that I definitely have plans to hit the club & burn that dance floor out, because I want to kick in 2020 with the highest energy.

Looking back on this year what was your most triumphant moment? Most embarrassing moment? Biggest challenge? Most fun?

My most triumphant moment was definitely breaking into morning TV to promote my album. Being an up & coming independent R&B artist it took a lot of hard work to get to a position where I could get a wonderful team that’s helping me put my career on the next level, so it was definitely that.

I’d been looking forward to that for years & I’m grateful it happened & for the way it did. Many might expect a more flamboyant answer, but I’m a regular guy with a dream of breaking walls & I value every step of the journey.

My most embarrassing was probably at the beach when I thought a stick that made the sound of a bird was actually a bird & I was like “nature is lovely…” & it was a man blowing on the stick & selling it — we had laughs.

My biggest moment was the release of my album. It completely changed my life, my journey, my way of thinking & my view on life. It took me on a ride I didn’t even dream of & that I’m grateful for. But that I’m still trying to fathom.

The most fun was definitely my time living in the Mayan Coast. God I just love the unparalleled freedom feeling I get there.

What drives you forward?

My parents, my sister & all the people who believe in me. I don’t call them fans; they’re family to me & I want to make them proud. I’m also driven by accomplishment. Accomplishment of whatever purpose gives me inner peace & I strive for mindfulness so it’s that & legacy.

To me transcendence is making music that lives way past me & to be remembered as a human being that fought to save our hurting planet. I’m basically driven by how the things I do while alive are going to impact my legacy when gone.

What’s the biggest lesson you have learned this year?

That everything you want lies on the other side of fear. No matter what it is: love, a professional goal, a personal achievement, a wish, it lies on the other side of fear. Nothing good happens within’ your comfort zone, & great things are lost because of silence & fear, so you just have to go & get it. Sounds cliché but it’s true; the time is as soon as your gut screams “now.”

Any New Year’s resolutions?

I want my family & myself to be healthy & happy. I want inner peace, achievement of my goals & my music to reach many people all over the world so that I can get my message across. I want more awareness & awaking so that we all together make better decisions for one another & for all living beings. That’s all.

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