“Havanna” by Steve Markoff and Patricia Lazzara

With their latest release “Havanna”, flutist duo Steve Markoff and Patricia Lazzara (joined by Grammy nominee Allison Brewster Franzetti) once again prove that they are at the forefront of this genre of instrumentality. Having released a hand full of singles and their 2019 album “Timeless”, they’ve just dropped their latest album “Romances in Blue”, a series of primarily original compositions and musical commissions, and it’s certainly an exciting taste of what the duo can do sonically.

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In a time where so much of music has a certain disability to it, driven as nothing more than “content”, it’s truly wonderful to see a trio of artists giving it their all for the love of the music, and given how niche the section of their genre is, they never waste a precious moment, complimenting one another which is also a feat considering that it’s primarily two flutists, a powerful instrument that I’d argue in mainstream sensibilities doesn’t get its due. “Havana” is sprawling and complex in its arrangement, being able to go high and low, with enough differentiation of beats to allow it to feel truly full and never repetitive.

Franzetti on the piano I think helps add to this as she’s given plenty of time to spotlight herself in a composition that mixes melancholy, nostalgia, and even sensuality. It has the sounds of a sunset after a long day, the kind of worn-out wistfulness that we experience personally, but rarely are able to see it transcribed in someone else’s work. Another impressive thing of note is the song’s length, clocking in at nearly 7 minutes which for some might seem daunting for an instrumental, but it never outstays its welcome and in truth, I found myself wanting it to go on much longer. I would certainly love this trio to score a film one day, as they have a very clear grasp on atmosphere, attention, and thing track is so perfectly mixed, no one overpowering the other. If I did have any complaints, they wouldn’t be from me, but maybe this isn’t exactly perfect for those who are looking for something different, but maybe classical instrumentals aren’t their thing. I would argue that more people need to step out of their comfort zones when it comes to music, genre is very binary and reductive, and I don’t think a group like these three can truly be bound by one or two specific genres.

Romances in Blue

Listen to Romances in Blue on Spotify. Steve Markoff · Album · 2021 · 16 songs.

I want to see this group work with someone like Damon Albarn, or David Byrne, someone with true respect for the music of all genres because there’s so much sonic potential of what they can do. All of their work is on most streaming platforms and I think any person willing to should get lost in it all because, with such an expansive array of songs they’ve done, you’re bound to find something that will strike a literal chord with you. Always moving, never boring, and the type of music that will stand the test of time. Highly recommended.

Clay Burton

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