Guarantee Radio Airplay Starting at $199

Guarantee Radio Airplay Starting at $199

Imastercopy ( offers radio airplay that allows the musician to get the next level with their music. The guarantee radio airplay package includes 600 radio spins in one month guaranteed, with a minimum 150 weekly spins. Musician gets a digital radio tracker report on a weekly bases. All genres are accepted.

The guarantee radio airplay promotions include commercial stations throughout the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and around the world. The stations includes Icecast,,, Beasley Broadcasting,iHeart/ Clear Channel, Radio One/city One, Sirius XM, Radionomy, Shoutcast, TuneIn, Bell Media, Cumulus, Emmis, Cox Radio, Entercom, international Radio, NewCap, Harvard, Streaming licensing, Streema, city Radio, Media, Vista Radio, Wilks, NextMedia, Rogers, Welch Communications, BBC Radio Europe and lots of unbiased FM Terrestrial, commercial, Non-industrial, college and internet radio broadcasters streaming online.

Once the musician’s song is properly programmed and begins receiving radio spins, a weekly report is provided to the client from the Digital Radio Tracker company. The musician song is also reported to Nelsen, BDS encoding and Mediabase to obtain royalties and song tracks. Songs that are encoded correctly can then evaluate to potential get on Billboard and CMJ charts.

The proper registration allows the musician music to be included in the All Music Guide database which is essential for any true musician. The promotion increases musician song overall performance. This radio airplay music marketing will increase internet visibility.

The radio airplay is 30 days of campaigning that gives musicians a crossover promotion for streaming on all platforms. The platforms include but not limited to Spotify, Itunes, Google Play, Napster, Tidal and alike services. The $199 guarantee radio airplay package also includes one written and distributed a press release to 10 news/blogs website. 30 days of social media marketing is included that leverages the biggest potential for growth and success.

Imastercopy also offers different guarantee radio airplay packages that range from $599 and up that includes move overall leverage for the musician’s success. The company can also customize a promotion package for the client based on need. Imastercopy provides apps, books, search engine optimization, press release distribution, and quick musician promo package in its online shop.

The guaranteed radio airplay service is a great way for a musician to test drive the potential of their new album or single. Visit the shop and see all the quick services that are offered that can help a musician project. Get great services with Imastercopy at a great price and let us market your project beyond expectations.

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