Holy shit EP cover

Following lead single “The W,” holy shit is AJ Peacox’s most personal release yet. The six-track project was crafted during a long period of isolated touring in the fall and winter of 2021. In response to a breakup and the unexpected passing of a dear friend, each song was poured in a notebook as a method of healing, which later inspired Peacox to make these songs into a full-on, cathartic EP titled holy shit.

The soft pulse of acoustic guitars and the calming nature of AJ Peacox’s vocals, combined with lyrics of hurt and rage, creates a relatable account of sudden change — and the pain that comes with.

“This EP is about the people, places, and things that become holy in your world when you’re in a relationship, and what happens to them when the relationship comes to an end. I wrote these songs in a journal on a long tour trying to heal from a breakup as well as the passing of a friend.

When I got home, I had dozens of pages of lyrics. I started writing music and melodies to the words, and songs just started pouring out. I had never written in this way before. It was so exciting when I realized it was working!”
– AJ Peacox of Glow & The Dark

Glow & The Dark is the solo project of Southern California based songwriter AJ Peacox, best known as the guitarist for Tiny Stills and Sundressed. Originally a quarantine project, the band quickly became something more after partnering with Dark Horse Coffee Records in 2021 to release their debut self-titled EP.

Glow & The Dark’s new EP holy shit features six brand new songs written exclusively in a surf-green notebook over the course of two tours in the Fall & Winter of 2021. All instruments were performed by AJ Peacox himself with the exception of drums provided by Jordan Krimston and Erich Beckmann, guest vocal appearances by Kailynn West of the band Tiny Stills and Rachel Kennedy of Lady Captain.

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