Global Sensation Wayne Dreadski Launches New Website and a Captivating Single.

Wayne Dreadski announces the official website weeks before launching a new captivating single, ‘Da Candyman’. Dreadski’s new single will be available on September 24th on all major music streaming platforms.

Atlanta-based Reggae and RnB sensation Wayne Dreadski announces a new official website showcasing music, biography, videos, and newsfeed. Fans and hip hop music lovers can access the newly launched website at Wayne Dreadski is the pioneer of mix-style musical artists with many successful Singles, EPs, and Albums. He experimented with hip-hop, reggae, and dancehall into beautiful and fascinating tracks. In addition to the new website, Wayne Dreadski also announces a new single, ‘Da Candyman’.

‘Da Candyman’ is Wayne Dreadski’s latest track. This impressive track will be available on September 24th on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, TIDAL, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and many others. He is very excited about the new single and website launching. Before the ‘Da Candyman’ launching date, he announced an official website to make the world be acquainted with a talented and unique artist currently residing in Atlanta, GA. “I’m pleased to announce the launching of a brand new website. I hope you enjoyed listening to my music and there will be plenty of good news next month. Stay tuned and check the upcoming news about the single ‘Da Candyman’.” Said one-of-a-kind global sensation Wayne Dreadski.

Wayne Dreadski’s music combines modern hip-hop and reggae music that produces mesmerizing beats and vibes. Wayne Dreadski’s popular releases, including ‘Tropical House’, ‘Highroller-Reggaeton Mix’,’ Terrestrial Pandemic’,’ Reggae Music’ have grabbed over 1 million streams combined on Spotify. The next release, ‘Da Candyman’, is R&B music with a Wayne Dreadski touch style. Wayne Dreadski is known as the one and only musician who combines modern hip hop and reggae music to create unique mixes with strong vocals.

About Wayne Dreadski
Wayne Dreadski is an ingenious geechee gullah native and songwriter living in Atlanta, GA. He wrote and created a unique mix, combining hip hop, reggae, and dancehall music. Wayne Dreadski’s music has a relaxing character that gives a hypnotic sense. Music instruments like drums, guitar, and bass used in the music combined with natural voices created a unique character and thrilling atmosphere. Wayne Dreadski currently announces a brand new website followed by a new track release, ‘Da Candyman’ on September 24th. For more information about Wayne Dreadski and his new track, please visit

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Wayne Dreadski

Wayne Dreadski, the Atlanta-based reggae and RnB musician, will release his new single, ‘Da Candyman,’ on all major streaming platforms on September 24th. The forward-thinking musician combines modern hip-hop with one-of-a-kind reggae to create a unique mix. Furthermore, the vocalist/ songwriter defies all conventions, preparing the road for his own vision to come to fulfilment.