Thank you for taking the time to have this interview with IMAAI.
Tell us about your music.
My music is a combination of the 2010s sound of hip-hop mixed with the new trap sounds of today to create a new sound that mainstream and underground haven’t heard.

When did you start performing?
I started performing in the year 2018.

What do you consider to be your hometown and how does that affect your music?
My hometown is San Antonio, Texas. And I believe it’s also molded me to adopt a Houston/southern sound in my music as well.

What performers have been your inspiration?
Andy Mineo being at the top of my list considering he’s all I listened too growing up, he showed me you can per-sue your dreams while having a close relationship with God at the same time.

What do you base your success on?
I base success on things that are in my mind becoming a reality, something I can physically see or emotionally feel.

What was your latest musical release?
My latest release dates back to 2020 I released Forgive You with artist Kish. It was a summer song and I love it to this day.

Do you have any news to share?
I will be returning to music 2025, Ima finish what I started “the blow up”.

How can fans find you?

gensowise | TikTok | Linktree

View gensowise’s Linktree. Listen to their music on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music here.

Lastly, please share some final words with the fans.

Love all my fans let this be legendary! Gen out.