FAMIGO Celebrates Surpassing 1.7 Million Users

photo of Maria D Luna, Famigo CEO

Miami, FL – FAMIGO, a digital content marketplace for artists and content creators continues its global growth surpassing the 1.7 Million users and entering their hypergrowth stage in USA, LATAM and Europe.

The company spearheaded by serial entrepreneur Maria D. Luna,
celebrates this milestone and the closing of a successful seed round.
FAMIGO’s purpose is to provide creators with a suite of business tools to rightfully monetize their content. Users can offer single-store items or subscription-based access to unreleased music, videos, documentaries, podcasts, meet-and-greets, merchandise and more.

“Our mission is to help everyone to ‘make more money doing what they love’ while creating deeper connections with their fan base by offering curated and exclusive content” says FAMIGO’s CEO, Maria D. Luna.

About FAMIGO: A platform that allows you to sell your exclusive digital content and VIP experiences for your most loyal fans. It
provides a business model to do what you love full time and potentially make a great living. FAMIGO pays you more, provides you
with all tools to monetize since day one and shares better practices via Concierge Services. The platform pays you 90% of the
collections (minus cost of the transaction which is variable and depends on market rates). FAMIGO lacks algorithms or changing
rules that hide your content and provides all business tools whether you have one fan or a million.

To learn more and get started, visit www.famigo.com/learnmore.