Explorer Entertainment Explodes On The Scene!


Explorer Entertainment Explodes On The Scene!

Explorer entertainment is emerging on the scene and ready to make an impact in the music industry!

As an up and coming entity with small town roots Explorer is determined to make their mark. That’s why this organization was started to show their town, region & the world that even on a small scale, change can be made! This organization feels that the next generation in their area and abroad need positive leaders to look too, what better way to convey that message than through Hip-Hop.

This organization is built on “Positive Change” and they strive to build the next generation of “Conscience Thinkers,” men and women that are going to make a difference in the community, the region, and the world!

It all started writing instead of thinking out loud and it opened another state of mind! The Ceo Mr. Anthony Laymon was inspired from his own thoughts and others seemed to feel his music. He got serious about the business, so with a friend they formed Explorer ENT. They are big business big thinkers, with a goal to change entertainment as you know it.

Their artists consist of 2 super talented young men.

Charles Craighead aka Mr. D SWAGG was born on Oct. 15 1987(Libra Baby, who outstanding characteristics are laid back, no drama, and attention grabbing)! Who is originally from Washington, DC where he stayed with his mother (Rev. Dollie Henderson) who is originally from South Carolina. In 2004 he and his mother moved to Ware Shoals, SC where he attended Ware Shoals High School where he graduated from. Swagg loved music as far back as church, singing and loving the feel of the instruments. It took time for him to listen to his friend who influenced him to take his music seriously.

Michael Stapleton aka VerseChange born March 16, 1981 in Valdosta, GA. Verse lived in Ware Shoals, SC with his Grandparents until he was 7, where he then moved to Anchorage, AK with his mother (MSG Gloria Davis) who was in the military. Where he fathered his first and only son at the age of 19, two years later VerseChange moved back to Ware Shoals, SC where he met his wife and fathered three beautiful girls. But that’s not the point VerseChange has always loved music and writing even before he discovered he had a true talent. Since 14 Verse has been writing song’s rapping along with friends (the same friends who later sparked a solid interest in rap). Becoming more intrigued with the smoother side of rap his style grew to be just that. With slick punchlines and deep subject matters VerseChange is not the average rapper. Liking to put a cool spin on every bar bring real meaning (Deeper Thoughtz) to the music. VerseChange is not the one to be slept on!