Exclusive Interview With Musical Talent Gxnuinx

Q. Good day, Gxnuinx We appreciate you taking the time to speak with us. Why and when did you initially start making music is our first question.

A. I started making beats seriously when we moved to a small town where there is literally nothing to do unless you drive an hour away. I started recording my own music when I was 17 because my brother aka stxr would pick me up to go make music with him and he would have me record in his home studio almost every weekend. My father made music when I was a child, and he had me make my first beats when I was in elementary school.

Q. What has been your journey like to make music your career ?

A. It’s been a very long journey that has barely started and is far from ending. A lot of struggle and pain losing friends so I have a very small circle and we all make music clothes etc have worked with people like saphir and gizmo and even have a song with stxr and lucki I’ve also made a beat over rage from bad neighbors vocals of an unreleased song nobody will ever here that being said I’ve
gotten to work with some real legends along the way.

Q. What are you focusing your time on now ?

A. Making and saving as much money as possible to feed my family

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