Exclusive Interview with Don Ugly

Where are you originally from?

My hometown is in Jacksonville, FL

Where are you located right now?

I currently reside in Orlando, FL

What level of enjoyment do you get when you release new music?

The level of enjoyment is far too great to put into words. All the time spent writing, producing, mixing and mastering, on top of the weeks of promotion for release day. It’s sometimes overwhelming but in an absolutely positive way. The biggest enjoyment I get out of it is knowing my music is out there for people to enjoy and relate to, even after I’ve passed on, it will be my print on the world, I love looking at it that way.

How can the audience listen to your music? 

You can listen to My music on any streaming platform from Spotify to Apple Music. YouTube as well. If you’d like to purchase my music you can do so on either my official website or my bandcamp profile.

Spotify link: open.spotify.com/artist/52mtiaUyTI4aSzDMIQME1M?si=bKMWzbl1Qgq6bf3XhH0e7Q

Apple Music: music.apple.com/us/album/hazy-eyes-single/1555838430

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCAgt_dOCDFx1KOc7CnldPCA

Official Website : www.Donugly.com

Talk to us about the name of your latest single and why it was important for you to release the music? 

My latest single “Her Majesty’s Mambo” or in other words “Her Beauty’s Dance” is a song about being in love with someone or something of raw beauty. I wrote it while watching the sunset on the beach one day. I was just imagining the love of my life dancing on the sand to the sunset and the waves and it all just came together. I think that everyone has something or someone that gives them that feeling of overwhelming emotion so I feel it’s a great song for people to listen and relate to.

Stream “Her Majesty’s Mambo”

SPOTIFY: open.spotify.com/track/1S1d7Li6O2iYmyp7bzxBp3?si=_lNcEck-Ryu_KCZTG0buug

What is something fans don’t know about you that you think it is important to know?

A lot of fans don’t know that I am a self taught musician. I’ve never taken any music theory or songwriting classes or seminars. I did attend a trade school called Full Sail University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in recording arts/ audio engineering, which is why I know how to produce, mix and master my own music. But everything else comes from emotion, it’s hard for me to even transpose the chord progressions to my own songs because I just start strumming and come up with progressions rather than write out what makes sense theory wise.

How do we continue to follow your growth?

You can follow me on any social media platform from Facebook to Instagram. Instagram being my most popular. But I recommend signing up to my email list on www.Donugly.com for I write a weekly newsletter that keeps my “fam” club up to date with everything going on in my life personally and musically.

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview