Exclusive Interview with Danjo

We are so excited to chat with you Danjo! You have a new single coming out. We got to hear a little sneak peek of the song and it is FUN. What was your goal with releasing this single?

Thanks for having us!  We’re so excited to be here!  You hit the nail on the head!  REDNECK STYLE is a fun song, and we’re all about FUN!  Our goal is simple…we just want to share the Redneck Style experience with as many people as we can, make new friends, and drink a few beers along the way!

What initially inspired your duo to come together in the first place? How did your previous music experience help make this process easier?

We’ve been great friends for years, writing music and performing together, and supporting each other’s solo careers as Barefoot Joe and Danny Kensy.  Honestly, it was Redneck Style that brought us together!  We recorded it in Nashville with the goal of shopping the tune, but fell in love with the song!  We knew we had something special as a duo.  Next thing you know, we were like, “Let’s release this as a duo!”  Danjo was born!  We’re both music veterans!  When you have a fun song like this one, writing and recording it is such an enjoyable and easy process.

What has been the most challenging aspect of becoming a duo?  

One of us has to be the best-looking so this is the biggest challenge! Becoming a duo wasn’t challenging at all.  Like we said, we’ve been friends and music collaborators for years!  It’s great to build something together!  The hardest part is all the “behind-the-scenes” work…we have to wear all the hats, including content, editing, promotion, scheduling, writing, and recording!  That’s on top of our solo projects and busy performance schedules, plus our 9-to-5s!  But, we wouldn’t trade it for the world…you have to enjoy the grind and the climb!

Would you say that the many experiences you’ve encountered over the past year have made you stronger as a pair? Will your future releases showcase the chemistry you’ve built together?  

Hell, we’re just getting started as a duo and still learning what it means to be Danjo the artists!  But, we already have a long history of performing, creating, and writing together.  We’re best buds with a passion for country music; that’s what makes us a strong pair and what we’ll showcase in our future releases!  Danjo is a creative outlet that allows us to express the crazy fun sides that we wouldn’t necessarily express on our solo projects.  It’s all about the fun!  We’re the “original Party-Tonkers!”

Do you all plan to tour as a duo in the coming months?  

Our main focus right now is the Redneck Style release, and writing, and recording.  We’re most looking forward to getting back into the studio in October!  But, we have a couple shows already locked in for 2024 with more in the works!

Last but not least – when is the new single out and where can we find you on social media?

Redneck Style drops on 09/14!  Check us out at www.danjomusic.net and our social handle is @danjocountry.