Exclusive Interview with Avatari

Hello Avatari and thank you for your time today. We are excited to dig in and learn more about what you’ve been up to recently with music and beyond.

We hear a new release is on the way for Avatari in March 2023.  Without giving too much away, please share more with our readers about this new music and what we can expect this spring. 

Yep that’s right. My new single High Like This is coming out March 10th and I have a video for it (which is totally bonkers) coming out the following week. The song is a deep dive into addiction – both personal and universal. It delves into every aspect, from the exhilaration to the horror and back again. I also have a ton of new music which I’m excited to release over the next few months.

What is your process as a songwriter and how do you stay vulnerable in an ever changing world as an artist and as a creator? 

I’d say vulnerability is inevitable for me. It’s really just about how am I going to channel it. Songwriting is one of my very favorite ways (I’m also an actor, writer, and I do some comedy). Whatever I’m going through in my life I tend to channel into my songwriting. I’d say the feelings of pain and frustration are immediately accessible sources of inspiration. But joy and gratitude can be too. With all of the change and chaos in the world there tends to be a lot of inspiration on all fronts nowadays. When I sit down with my guitar to write I feel directly connected to my creator (or whatever you want to call it). I feel like I’m at my most honest and vulnerable.

You have many talents. Your career has been extremely diverse and interesting from day one.  Please share more with our readers about your beginnings as an artist and performer and how your journey has brought you here to this new music in 2023. 

Thank you. It’s funny, I’ve always loved creating and entertaining since I was little. But I didn’t figure out that it’s what I wanted to do for a career until halfway through college. I was drawn to Los Angeles where I started acting and filmmaking and playing in bands. Since then I’ve just kind of gone with the flow. I love both sides of it: acting and music. I also love where they crossover (I love making music videos and also making music that’s intentionally cinematic). It’s all very connected for me.

You are many things.  A songwriter, recording artist and a LIVE performer.  Which do you cherish the most?  Or are they all equally satisfying and meaningful for you? 

A: I’d say they each have a different buzz that’s equally powerful but very different. Songwriting is very personal and intimate. I get to channel my story and whatever I’m thinking and feeling into an expression. And it’s really fun co-writing, especially when it’s a strong collaboration. Kind of like making a baby. Recording is a chance to distill the song into a performance and collaborate in the studio with a producer. When there’s a strong trust and synergy it’s electric. But being up on stage performing with a live audience and sharing life – there’s nothing in the world like it. It harnesses a lifetime of emotion into a moment of connection. I probably feel my most free and at home on stage.

How do you balance the life of a creative, musical  artist with your day to day or is it seamless for you? 

It’s pretty nuts to be honest. I love it, but it’s nuts. I’m balancing three different careers, a wife and kids, along with grabbing moments of self-care here and there. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love my life. But the most important skills I’ve learned (and continue to learn) are organization, time management, and prioritization. So crucial.

With the release of this new art,  where do you see 2023 leading your goals, aspirations and career? 

Good question. I know where I want to go. I want to reach more people. Grow. Connect with larger, more passionate audiences and collaborators. I want to continue to write about things that are more and more personal and intimate and hopefully universal. And I want to get back on stage. That’s my goal for this year.

Please share your socials so our readers can find you everywhere and locate your new music as soon as it hits!  Thank you again for your time today.  

Absolutely, thanks for having me.

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Photo Credit :  Abigail Welkom

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