Exclusive Interview with Angela Perry of Thistle Breeze

Hello Angela and thank you for your time today. We are honored to have you today to learn more about what you’ve been up to in the new year so far with your new project, Thistle Breeze!

We hear a new release is on the way with your latest project.  Without giving too much away, please share more with our readers about this new music and what we can expect from your new project in 2023 and beyond.

Singer-Songwriters Angela Perry and Steve Paul have collaborated together to create the duo group, Thistle Breeze. Together we have been at venues and have been in the studio working on some new music.  This new project is going to be “dope”.  We have been working at Violet Recording in Boulder and have started to put together music that is moving, in-depth, real, and encompassing.  The music will capture the essence of music and help one reflect on the world at large. Excited to be releasing this at a time when it is so needed.

How is your process different as a solo artist versus being in a duet project?

As a solo artist you depend solely on yourself to make decisions about the music.  In a duet project, there are compromises and collaboration that must be made for the benefit of the project. Sometimes we get grouchy with each other but we work it out for the benefit of the project.

Please share more with our readers about your beginnings as a songwriter and performer and how your journey has brought you to this new venture in 2023.

I have been writing songs for most of my life but fear and life choices got in the way of fulfilling my passion for writing.  A turning point took place when just playing and teaching weren’t enough. (It had never been enough) and I took a leap of faith that it was the right thing for me to do and jumped over the cliff into songwriting, singing, performing, and recording which landed me in this new venture of 2023.  It hasn’t been easy and I have made a ton of mistakes but that is part of growing.  I could never go back.  It would destroy me if I did.

What have been some of your standout performances and favorite stage shows to date?

Some of my favorite shows have been at Songwriter festivals, including Red Lodge Songwriter Festival, Ozone songwriter festival, Big Turn Music Festival, SXSW Festival, etc.  My favorite venue has been our community outreach which we do on a regular basis.  Wherever we are playing, we try to go to Assisted Living Facilities as well.   The people are so appreciative and give so many hugs. I have been so blessed by the stories I have heard and the people we have met.

How do you balance the life of a creative, musical  artist with your day to day job and more? 

I do not know if I do a good balance between life and me being a creative artist.  I am fairly organized which helps me in knowing when things are occurring. It is so hard to keep a balance and many would say I am not but I am driven to create, produce, and perform great music.

With your new single release on the way, how do you see your goals and aspirations evolving?

The new release will open so many possibilities and I am so excited to see where they go.  I want to win a Grammy and other awards and I want to be playing at huge arenas and stages all across not only the US but Internationally.  I feel these new releases are just one more step to reaching some of those goals.

Please share your socials so our readers can find you everywhere and locate your new music as soon as it’s available for streaming and download.  Thank you again for your time today.

You can catch me and our band on www.angelaperrymusic.com

www.thistlebreeze.com All social media under angelaperrymusic

Thank you so much for the interview.

 End of Interview