Ex-Miss England Natasha Hemmings teams up with Enya’s sister

Ex-Miss England Natasha Hemmings teams up with Enya’s sister

Whiling away the lazy summer afternoons in the last rays of sunshine on the beach seems to be nothing but a distant memory now that the Autumnal rainy season has set in. But fear not, Ex-Miss England superstar Natasha Hemmings has that nostalgic summer feeling covered.

‘Summer Shores’ is the debut single and video from beauty pageant champion Natasha Hemmings, who represented England in the Miss World championships in China. The judges were impressed with her vocals during the talent round and it was then that Natasha decided it was time to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a classical singer.

Back home, Natasha focused on writing. Her background in English Literature and poetry combined with her love of classical music led to her reworking some of her favorite classical pieces and adding in her own lyrics and vocal harmonies. “I wanted to embellish their [the pieces’] natural beauty with a fresh twist,” says the singer, who prioritized preserving the natural and effortless beauty of the original songs on her new album, “Whispers”.

The first single from “Whispers”, ‘Summer Shores’ is a beautifully serene celebration of love. It’s accompanied by a hazy video set in the dying rays of summer sunshine, showing Natasha playing around in the sand with her lover. Hemmings’ eye contact is consistent yet calm throughout the video as if to encourage us to set aside our problems and enjoy living in the moment with her, even if we can’t make it to the beach.

The song itself is beautifully tranquil and features the talents of classical guitar legend, Jose Feliciano. “Whispers” also sees Natasha harmonize with none other than Moya Brennan, lead singer of Irish band Clannad, and Enya’s sister. It’s collaborations like these which really pay off in an exquisitely arranged song like ‘Summer Shores’, which nevertheless leaves Natasha Hemmings’ soothing vocals front and center.