Eva Grace elevates her sound in her latest single, “still cry sometimes”.

Eva Grace has amplified her voice in her new single, admitting she is still not over past events in a relationship, and cannot find anything to help forget such memories. The energy she has gained from this lifted weight can be heard in her haunting vocals that compliment such an alternative pop sound.

Repeating lines of her new found realizations such as, “There’s no drug to get me high enough To forget the ways you messed me up” and, “Cause all we ever do is fight I don’t wanna spend my night Wishin’ for one last goodbye” it is clear that Grace has grown tired of reminiscing.

When it comes to memories we wish to not remember, it is easy to find ourselves repeating mantras to try and train our brains to focus on something else, however, as “still cry sometimes” proves, it is never that easy. Sometimes, taking the past in as part of you and letting yourself cry and feel when you remember while trying to live in the moment all other times is the best way to go.

Throughout the song, Grace expresses how she tried to see the best, and “make up a reason” to see good in the person and relationship, however after a while, you cannot mask the truth. In addition to this, it’s draining to have to mask your true feelings in a relationship in order to force good memories at times where you really aren’t happy at all.

Eva Grace takes her independence and reinvents the definition and expectations of leaving a relationship. Showing it doesn’t have to be all strength, and it is always okay to “still cry sometimes”.

To keep up Eva and her newest releases visit, flow.page/imevagrace. Listen to “still cry sometimes” on YouTube youtu.be/Ywer7SvQsg8 & go follow Eva Grace @imevagrace on social media.

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