Dynamos – Knowledge

Dynamos – Knowledge

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Dynamos are a Los Angeles based five member band who are making larger and larger waves in the popular music scene on the back of releases like the Cold Comfort EP and recent single “Shake, Rattle, and Roll”. Their new single “Knowledge” continues their upward trajectory with a cut illustrating more of the band’s intelligent songwriting than the previous single release while still maintaining their core go-for-broke musical attitude. Make no mistake, however – these five performing artists are musical talents with a lot of reach and command of technique. The fact they are able to bring their skills to bear in such an expert way as they still maintain a high level of passion is notable to say the least – most bands can only manage either rambunctious musicianship or bloodless by the numbers proficiency. Dynamos, instead, know how to get under a listener’s skin and engage both physically and mentally with their audience – no single yet shows off that talent better than “Knowledge”.

The fierce passion of Nadia E.’s vocal leads the way without dominating the song’s sound. She’s a presence from the first moment she enters the recording and you can hear the musical training she received as a child and teenager coming through in the fundamentally solid way she handles the lead vocal chores. Her artistry emerges, as well, through the thorough blending of emotion and technique that fills every line and, particularly on the chorus, she sounds fully engaged with every word. The intensity level suggests that these lyrics are directly ripped from her personal experiences and that autobiographical suggestiveness makes for an even more intimate vocal. The writing has a pared down, essential quality while still managing to invoke moments of pure performed poetry. “Knowledge” is a relatively bold, though vague, title and the lyrics aim higher than most songs in this vein without ever lapsing into self indulgence.

The interchangeable weave of Dynamos’ guitars are another strength for the song. The foundation for this is, naturally, stellar rhythm section interplay that alternates between attack mode and groove setting without ever failing to provide the song with an all important bottom end. It’s here where the song’s production deserves the most praise. Instrumental separation without diluting the impact each player makes on the final result is a crucial component in getting the recording of such songs right and Dynamos are well served with this single. “Knowledge” rocks hard and convincingly from the first, but it’s also memorable thanks to a well conceived production aesthetic that never relies on current trends or volume alone to make the audience set up and take notice. It’s a wicked, bulldozing single with the capacity to linger in your memory long after the last note fades out. Dynamos’ “Knowledge” continues the wildly rewarding run this band has been on lately and will surely bring more fans into their growing camp.

YOU TUBE: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFVmWphsw48

Scott Wigley