DisasterTheory’s Cover of a Prince Classic Is Getting Attention

The numetal band DisasterTheory is gaining a lot of attention after releasing their version of When Doves Cry, a classic hit by Prince.

Earlier in the month, DisasterTheory asked fans to participate in suggesting 80’s songs that they’d like to hear DisasterTheory cover and make heavier. In exchange for the songs the band picked from the fans’ suggestion, those fans win merchandise prizes from the band.

The band has decided to choose three songs from the fan suggestions and the first to be picked, recorded and released was Prince’s 1984 hit When Doves Cry.

DisasterTheory took a darker and heavier approach to the song but It is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Frontman Mark Thomas has stated that they intend to do two more of the fan suggestions since the first pick has been released. They haven’t hinted as to which two they will be doing next, but if the fans like them as much as they do their cover of When Doves Cry, then DisasterTheory will likely get fan attention with them quickly.

Make sure to visit DisasterTheory’s official website for updates at disastertheory.com and make sure to check out their rendition of When Doves Cry on Spotify.

DisasterTheory – Official Website

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