Dianña Releases “Missing You Underneath the Mistletoe”

Styles and sounds will come and go, but sincerity always sells. Make a listener believe what you are singing and the battle for their entertainment dollar is already more than half won. Dianña may not express those sentiments in those exact words, but she understands that truth. Her single “Missing You Underneath the Mistletoe” proves it. This holiday single could sound heavy-handed and syrupy in the hands of a lesser talent. In the hands of Dianña, however, it nearly achieves the resonance of heartfelt prayer.

Despite the implications of loneliness behind the song’s title, it isn’t depressing. Far from it. There’s gratitude, joy, and a sense of wonder emanating from the track, and the graceful acknowledgment that much of her experience is wonderful while lacking that final key ingredient makes those aforementioned emotions all the more potent. It’s a complete song in a way that few are, regardless of the holiday.

It adopts a less is more slant that more songs should. Dianña and producer Mark Needham fill the track out with well-timed percussion and intermittent orchestration, but the cut’s real focus lies elsewhere. You could strip away those elements and, left with nothing more than the vocals and piano, still have a first-rate song. Some may argue that is the route she should have pursued.

They have good reason. Her voice is, of course, the star of the show and she shows us how to captivate a listener’s attention without ostentatious pyrotechnics or ham-fisted melodramatics. The backing singers are a welcome addition but, ultimately, they are color more than a strong suit because Dianña is more than capable of single-handedly carrying the number. They do provide inviting color, however, that further burnishes her contributions to the song.

Missing You Underneath the Mistletoe by Dianna – Official Music Video

This song tells a story of how we miss our far-away loved ones at Christmas time, but with an uplifting twist. Written and performed by Dianña. Reach Dianña on all her social media: linktr.ee/diannacountry This video was produced and directed by Fon Davis at Fonco Studios in Los Angeles.

The piano is exquisite. Producer Mark Needham frames the instrument with a great deal of crystalline warmth that invokes the holidays without any cheap theatrics. Many listeners will, in particular, gravitate towards the song’s sole instrumental break as the piano playing unleashes several impressive mini-runs that aren’t ornamental at all. They definitely enhance the overall package.

Some may decry the words, especially the rhymes, as overly simple. If so, they don’t understand the song’s purpose. These moments, moreover, hit home because they exude naturalness rather than the feeling of a songwriter forcing the issue. This is essential for the song’s ultimate success. Dianña certainly sounds comfortable with every line and the song has an appealing, “lived-in” feel.

You believe her. You can’t put a price tag on that. Dianña’s “Missing You Underneath the Mistletoe” comes across as a track from someone well acquainted with the reality of missing someone special during the Christmas season and the final payoff doesn’t strike a false note. It brings cheer, without feeling like a cheat. In times such as these, you can’t beat that with a stick. It’s a song you can return to multiple times, if not more, without ever wearying of the experience and that’s something that few songs, regardless of their theme, ever accomplish.

Clay Burton