DeeBizness Starts 2021 On All The Right Notes

House & Chill 5 On Spotify 01/29 & Worldwide 02/12!

DeeBizness has never had anything less than massively productive years filled entirely with fantastic EDM music ever since he burst onto the scene, releasing singles back in 2015. Two years later, not only was he already putting full records out into the world, but he’d also started an unforgettable adventure in a subset of his own catalog that took listeners on an immaculate journey into sensory sound & style, officially creating his House & Chill series for all to enjoy. With volume after volume coming out through the years to follow, DeeBizness revealed his slick production and professional technique time & again – and now in 2021, he’s about to close this chapter of his music with the absolute best of it to-date so far.
The highly anticipated new record, House & Chill 5, arrives online exclusively at Spotify on January 29th, followed closely by its worldwide release on all major music platforms on February 12th, 2021. With an incredible array of ethereal atmospheres, colorful neon vibes, and spellbinding digital melodies designed to move the mind, body, and soul – DeeBizness displays a master’s grip on what makes Electro genuinely connect through texture, tone, & all-out second-to-none sound selection. Join him for the stunning final installment of his House & Chill series with the official release of number five this year, as DeeBizness confidently closes this chapter of his story with a flawless set that undeniably proves he’s perfected the art & craft of production, with a versatile & radiant collection of songs that no one could possibly resist.

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DaReal DeeBizness is an artist, poet, and music producer from the Windy City. DeeBizness is a rising star in House/EDM music production.