Conceptz – “Drippin And Drownin”

The brother duo known as Conceptz out of Orange County, NY is back, with a new single “Drippin And Drownin.” We often defer to hyperbole to describe a particularly hot act, but make no mistake about it; Conceptz is one of the fastest rising Hip Hop groups in the business. Forming in 2012, Conceptz somehow landed a gig at the BET Awards After Party, which coincidentally, was also their first show. Since then, they have steadily ascended, landing spots on Major Networks and every Major sports league, you can think of. They were also on the ballot for a Grammy nod.

Conceptz is somewhat unique in that not both members are front and center. HighRowGlyphFix handles  the emcee duties, while, Short Fuze is behind the console. It’s proven to be an effective arrangement thus far, and the familial bond only seems to add gravitas to their work. Their previous single, “Hold This L,” was a not so subtle declaration of Conceptz triumph at someone else’s expense. The brothers employ clever hooks and tasteful low blows, to great effect.

On “Drippin And Drownin,” Conceptz have taken things to an entirely new level. In what is a concentrated and sophisticated composition,  Conceptz have leaped to the forefront of the most elite artists in all of Hip Hop. By keeping things simple, musically, and complex, lyrically, the duo have shown a fundamental understanding of what the true essence of songwriting is supposed to be. How they are still operating at a relatively underground level, is currently one of life’s great mysteries. Their BET appearance and Grammy nomination, notwithstanding, Conceptz should be one of the biggest acts in the country at this point.

Drippin & Drownin

Listen to Drippin & Drownin on Spotify. Conceptz · Single · 2021 · 4 songs.

The arrangements on “Drippin And Drownin,” have to be experienced to be truly appreciated. Conceptz supersedes any formula, traditional or otherwise, to give you something wholly original. They can show remarkable restraint at times, and a tightly controlled fury, at others. The true extent of HighRowGlyphFix verbal agility, is difficult to articulate. It’s as if Eminem adopted a more unorthodox style, yet maintained uncanny coherence.

I’m the Ritz Carlton/You’re a Sheridan. Conceptz are masterful at dropping a boastful line or thinly veiled insults at opportune moments. HighRowGlyphFix is like a machine, in that once he accelerates, he only slows things down for the chorus.  Much like “Hold This L,” “Drippin and Drownin,” comes at you from every conceivable direction. Short Fuze shows a tremendous sense of originality, and a keen ear. His backdrops give his brother the freedom and foundation to be as verbose as he chooses, and HighRowGlyphFix obliges him.

You really can’t laud this effort, enough. While so many artists are coasting at a comfortable speed, Conceptz are pushing themselves with every release. They are one of the most unique and inventive acts in all of music, right now, not just Hip Hop. If you liked “Hold This L,” you should certainly appreciate this effort. If you are a Conceptz fan in general, then you already knew they were dripping with greatness.

Clay Burton