CIRCLES by Wyn Starks

We already have Minneapolis to thank for the likes of the mighty Prince, super-producers Jam & Lewis, the producers behind the rise of Janet Jackson, SOS Band etc and goodness knows how many others. Now we have Wyn Starks to add to the list.

And yes the name may seem a bit like a woman’s and the voice may be high (and mighty!) but Wyn exudes the sexual charisma of classic soul stars from Marvin to Teddy Pendergass on his new single ‘Circles’, a blast from a very welcome past.

You can hear the Motown and gospel influences he grew up with, a mix of soulful sexiness and open-hearted vocal skills, and also the technical skills he honed during his life-changing stint in the Country capital of Nashville, where the likes of Dusty Springfield also went to polish up their acts.

All that geography and the influences of those different locations came together on Starks’ previous tune, ‘Who I Am’, which you might know from ‘American Idol’ and come together again on the new track ‘Circles’, which has already racked up over a million streams on Spotify while Wyn’s YouTube page is on its way to two and a half million views.

Definitely a man who is going places.

Wyn Starks

A modern-day pop-soul pioneer, Wyn Starks builds a bridge between the old-school music that filled his childhood – from the soulful sweep of Motown classics to the bright sparkle of ’80s hitmakers like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson – and the grooves, hooks, and genre-bending bounce of contemporary radio.