ChordSlinger n Lola – Who we Are

Location: maineville, ohio, united states
Description: Our music is a mixture of all original music written with modern beats and influenced by many styles including Pop, New Age, and Rock. We are often told that our music is deeply emotion and different, but still somehow familiar.
Lola de Hanna is a Greek singer-songwriter who came to New York to become a psychologist and strayed off to the world of music, live shows, band rehearsals and song writing. Before she came to this country, she collaborated with various musicians In Greece and in the UK and did songs ranging from electro-goth to alternative rock and much more. Upon arriving in New York, Lola teamed up with the hard rock/metal band ONPOINT with which she plays shows regularly all over Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. They are becoming an established name in the New York Indie scene and she is the lead. She has sung on songs forseveral groups under the Lola de Hanna name. Her songs are emotional and combine conflicting energies such as calming and relaxing versus driving and upbeat. She likes to “play” with different sounds, instruments and vocal qualities. Lola’s voice has been described as raw, smooth, pure and rich while her compositions have been described as exciting and unique.

ChordSlinger (Slinger) has lived in southern Ohio his whole life. He wrote music at a very young age and played with several local bands. He owned a business that burned several years ago at which time he lost his life’s work and most of his assets. He turned to music to help heal himself. He began writing instrumentals, and put out a CD of original tunes which can be found on Itunes called Deliverance from Flames. He then began playing live in an online sim called Second Life. He wrote some songs there that people heard and encouraged him to place on indie music sites. He posted six songs on an internet site called All six of his songs were voted into the top 20 instrumentals for the year (out of 4,000 +). He met Lola there, began writing lyrics, and created ChordSlinger n Lola.

ChordSlinger n Lola are fresh out of the Studio with their first three songs they’ve taken to full production. The reviews on ReverbNation and SliceThePie are inspiring. Here are a couple:

Love the direction you are heading in. I really hope somebody backs you guys cause I know studio time is nuts. Keep up the good work. Good Luck and Merry Christmas to you both. – Keith Richards on ReverbNation
I went almost speechless.  This song is so beautiful.. I am really moved emotionally right now. Let me catch my breath and try to collect myself from beyond the upper levels atmosphere, where I was lifted during this song. Technically speaking: your singing was extremely beautiful in this song, it’s like you were an angel who’s singing to my ears. The beauty of the melody and piano sound is without doubt something so amazing I have ever heard.The guitar solo really shines and brings to my mind my very favourite artist ever, Marillion. In all the beauty, slow dancing, atmospheric soundscape with your angel like singing brought to me a lot of visions that I could make a music video of. The lyrics and awesome arrangement with the melody, together they were adjusted with the correct level for your voice. Chordslinger n Lola, this is simply the most beautiful song I have ever heard. Period. Congratulations! This will be a definete HIT song. A chart topper. There is no question about that. – Marco on ReverbNation

ChordSlinger n Lola also have two songs that were selected for Neil Young’s Songs of the Times page.

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