Catchfire Interview

Welcome to Catchfire. Your new song has a distinct energy and vibe. Could you share some insights into the inspiration behind it and how it came to fruition?

Funny enough, Elevator Kisses was originally just a joke. During a long wait for an elevator to arrive at a downtown Nashville parking garage, our lead singer Maddy started cracking jokes about people kissing in elevators, and as the wait went on, she started singing the main chorus line. Over the next few weeks, it was so catchy that it stuck in all our heads, and we knew we had to finish out the song. Maddy finished up the writing, and we all knew we wanted to it to sound huge and energetic, so we worked to capture that vibe in our recording. With the huge hit on the A major chord right from the start, we hope that the vibe comes across right away.

The lyrics of your songs often delve into deeply personal themes. How do you balance vulnerability with storytelling in your songwriting process, and how does this reflect in your latest release?

Elevator Kisses tells mostly about just having fun with love and taking it to the top. Love and relationships can be personal and intimate, as well as just fun and exciting, and it can feel monumental. We wanted the sound of this track to convey that huge feeling, while also just having fun with the lyrics and the energy.

Collaboration is often a key element in the music-making process. Did you work with any other artists or producers on this song, and if so, how did their contributions shape the final product?

We didn’t work with any other artists on Elevator Kisses, but our rhythm guitarist at the time mixed and mastered the song, and had some creative influence as well. The most important collaboration so far in our journey to a finished product has been amongst all of the band members. We usually get a song written with whoever it flows the best, and we each put our own flare on our instrument parts as we record the tracks, then we bring it all together with a good mix and master. It’s really the flares and spice that each band member brings after the song is written that really makes each track special. Though we haven’t collaborated with any other artists yet, we hope to in the future!

The music industry is constantly evolving, especially in terms of technology and platforms for sharing music. How do you adapt to these changes, and what role did digital platforms play in the release and promotion of your latest song?

We really work to stay true to ourselves throughout the creation process, but we also push to stay fresh and keep up with the times. This way, we have a solid foundation no matter what, and we can build on that as time passes. We do our best to be aware of new technologies, trends, and ideas, and how we may apply them to our creative process to make something fresh, exciting and timeless. At this stage, we just use an online digital distributor to get our music out to the world (as most independent artists do), and then we promote it ourselves through our social media accounts and at shows. We’ve been working especially hard on TikTok lately, as it is the current leader in the social media world. We appreciate the fact that social media and other digital platforms are a great way to provide the world with our music, though we recognize that it is not the end game, and the connections we make with fans live and in person is the ultimate goal! 

As an artist, growth and evolution are essential. How do you feel you’ve evolved creatively since your last release, and what aspects of your artistry are you most excited to explore in the future?

Elevator Kisses is a completely different creation than our first single, Winds Blow. We evolve in the simplest way through our songwriting, as we aren’t afraid to complete any and every idea that comes to us, just to see where it may lead. This is the basis and the fuel that drives us to adapt and stay fresh, and to continue to create the best art that we can for the world. From songs that are as deep as Winds Blow both in lyrical content and arrangement, to songs that are more catchy and fun like Elevator Kisses, to wherever else we may go, we are always trailblazing into the future. We are passionate about bringing people together and changing their lives through our music, so we are ultimately excited to explore more ways we can do that with the songs we write, the experiences we can provide the people, and the good we can give to the world.

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