Can’t Fall Sleep At Night? That’s How Tamami Maitland Got the Idea For Writing This Song “Clock’s In My Head”

Burnacy, BC, Canada — A Singer-Songwriter/Jazz Pianist, Tamami Maitland has just released another original song “Clock’s In My Head”. This acoustic Jazz inspired R&B song has a groovy, funky yet somehow soothing sound that comfortably remains in your ear once you listen to it.

She has just returned from her first international tour in Japan, her home country, where she performed this not-yet-released song at the time of the tour. Despite her concerns about the lyrics being in English, this song was very well received and has become one of the audiences’ most favourite songs throughout the tour: Just like the title of the song, the song got stuck in their head.

“I just couldn’t fall sleep one night, my thoughts went around and around in my head like a clock. That’s when I got inspired to write this song.” She explained to the audiences at the shows. Then the audience replied “Yeah, I have those nights too, and now I hear your song “Tick tock tick tock” in my head.” During the tour, not only this song but many of her songs touched the audiences’ hearts and got them to really “think” about their past, present and future.

While many of her thoughts and ideas still keep going around her head, she continues to write and express her thoughts to the world. Today “Clock’s In My Head” is a digital single release only, but she plans to put this song in an album with other unreleased songs and release it in both digital album and CD in the near future. Her first album “Sky Canvas” is already available in a digital album and CD.

In line with the artist’s end goal in music, “Clock’s In My Head” will inspire the audiences to “tell their own stories” while the song plays during the day or night.

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Tamami Maitland is a singer-songwriter/Jazz pianist based in Vancouver BC. Canada. Growing up in Japan, she was influenced by music by Studio Ghibli, Japanese culture and poetry. The lyrics of her original songs are often related to nature, the seasons and love, just like traditional Japanese poetry. Tamami has a clear goal of writing /performing music. It is to encourage and help people to stay positive, especially to those who are feeling sad or facing difficulties in their lives.


Tamami Maitland
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