Call for Music – Ends 1/10/2012

Periodically we get calls for music for upcoming indie and feature  films. This one has a limited film budget. If you submit, make sure that the sound quality is extremely high quality…something that you would hear in a feature film. This is the second time we have posted this – if you have submitted before, please send new material. No music was accepted previously. Music supervisor is still looking.

Spot A – Indie Folk/Alt Folk Rock with a retro 60’s psychedelic pop or beach boys blend. Should be quirky but not  too heavy or deep. Prefer Indie/Unsigned/Emerging Artists.

Spot B Indie Folk/Alt Folk Rock  – much more introspective and quirky. Think The XX (

Spot C Rap/Hip Hop – Beats should be professionally done and not sound like a Casio. Not overly gangster – not overly explicit.. Must have good energy.

Send low resolution mp3s for easy downloading – Send one track per email and let me know what % of synch and master you control or license. email to

The subject line should be CM12111 – Spot A ( or B, C) Be sure to include your contact info in the body of the email. If the music supervisor indicates interest, we will contact you.