Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters by Eileen McDargh

McDargh discusses the new distinction of Burnout – a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed – in her book “Burnout to Breakthrough”. She offers specific bulleted dimensions of the book, and considers questions relevant to discussing this new classification. McDargh offers a series of options to help you move through the process and breakthrough to success. The outline of her book follows these four options.

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Each section of the book favors a given concept, given the caveat that some events in our lives may leave us with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) which would require medical attention. Beyond that, she encourages her readers to refuel, recharge, and reclaim what matters. McDargh tells her story, given the expectation that she had to stay on the job. Her struggle depleted personal energy, leaving her burned-out. She discusses statistical norms of this global epidemic, and the cost of this excessive stress building problem. At the end of the chapters, McDargh offers assessments where you can judge your experience in a 1 to 5 category. These are interspersed with question tags in various places throughout the chapters. A means of giving the reader ways to assess and review their personal situation. This process gives options for self-evaluation, understanding, and ultimately bringing options for solution. Her processes include variations that allow for perspectives from different career levels as well as leadership or management reviews.

McDargh talks about the health problems that arise from burnout and how to combat those issues as well. Her discussion offers a “learn from others” segment that quotes and references other case studies. McDargh reminds us that this day is all you’ve got. This minute matters. And her essays are interspersed throughout the book, sharing insights and ideas that will help the reader to formalize the studies and apply them to their own lives. I fell in love with the quips and quotes she shares in the margins of her book. These add insight and bits of wisdom that every reader needs when scanning through the book to find the right segment after reading it the first time. This is definitely a book that I will keep close at hand to apply the wisdom I found in these chapters.

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I found the book easy to read and comprehend, but even more… I found it to be fun to read. If I felt burnout with my job, I would definitely lean on the pages of McDargh’s book to help me move past the burnout to resolution. As a writer, I’ve never had this experience, but I can definitely see how writing to meet the expectations of others could create such burnout.

About the Author: Eileen McDargh is CEO (chief energy officer) at the Resiliency Group, where she draws on practical business know-how, life experience, and years of international consulting to help others survive and thrive in an upside-down world.

by John Davis, posted by Clay Burton