Brotherflower Set to Blossom with Self-Titled Debut Album Release on March 29, 2024

Brotherflower, the captivating trio consisting of Jake Stigers, Gary Dillon, and Bill Kelly, is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of their self-titled debut album, “Brotherflower.” This eagerly awaited record represents the culmination of the band’s passion, creativity, and musical prowess.

Event 1: Celebrate Brotherflower’s debut album at Bernie’s Hillside Lounge, 125 Hillside Rd, Chester, NJ, on March 29th, 8-11pm. Join us for soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics as we share tracks from our new record.

Event 2: Join Brotherflower at Orange: Coffee. Art. Music., 14 Main St, Delaware Water Gap, PA, on March 30th, 7-10pm, for an intimate evening of live music. Experience soul-stirring melodies from our debut album and share in the joy of musical community.

Brotherflower is a trio comprised of Gary Dillon, Bill Kelly, and Jake Stigers, old friends who have made their names in separate musical projects over the past 30 years and have now come together for a Wilburys-style leg of their musical journeys. Each a brilliant singer, accomplished multi-instrumentalist, and moving songwriter in his own right-Kelly, Stigers and Dillon bring their individual backgrounds – rock, folk, traditional, & gospel – to a soulful and joyful Americana sound, featuring their various acoustic & electric guitars, fiddle, mandola, drums, harmonium, and piano. Intimate and explosive, their shows are a good-time harmony ride, and their self-titled debut record showcases the songs each of them has written and the magic of their collaboration.

The recording of “Brotherflower” at Red Rock Studio in November 2023 was a transformative experience for the band, capturing the essence of their sound with unparalleled precision and depth. Under the expert guidance of Kent Heckman, each note and lyric came to life, resonating with soulful authenticity. With the collaborative efforts of acclaimed musicians Andy Hess-bass and Ethan Eubanks-drums, the studio sessions were infused with energy, creativity, and a shared passion for music, resulting in a record that truly reflects the band’s collective vision and artistic integrity.

Contact: Suzanne Stigers
Phone: 862-266-5956
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