BigMustafa Stepping into the New Year with a “Bigger” Mindset

BigMustafa is a Rap/Hip-Hop artist from Fayetteville, NC, currently residing in Columbus, GA, where his music career began! His insane delivery and rhythm gives his music an upbeat yet catchy vibe all while showing his diversity.

At an early age, BigMustafa had a love for anything musical. Growing up he was heavily inspired by R&B, Hip-Hop and eventually Trap music.

He transitioned from a fanatic listener to an artist in late 2018 when he first started taking his music seriously and has been blazing a trail for his music career ever since. From interviews to multiple shows in the tri-city area.

With his management team: PremeditatedRecords pushing him to give his all with every track, they’ve managed to grow their social media accounts to over 13k followers. With plans to relaunch their Clothing Line “TopPriority” in the near future, it’s safe to say that BigMustafa is on to snigger and Better things!

January 1, 2023 BigMustafa is releasing his first single of the year titled “Bigger”. From a Bigger fan base to Bigger responsibilities, such as welcoming his new born on the same date if his upcoming release, BigMustafa has more then enough story telling to invite his listeners in on every detail.

Label IG: @premeditatedrecords
Artist IG: @iam_bigmustafa