Artist Uptick Magnetizes Listeners with a Meaningful and Inspiring Anthem- New Track “Livelihood” Inspires and Illuminates

A single that millions of union workers, aggrieved with the status quo, can march to- “Livelihood” is a song for betterment; a fight for social justice

San Francisco, CA —May 20th, 2023 – Imbibed with a fiery, unfettered passion, Uptick’s newest single is unlike any other in the Dance genre right now. An anthem for inspiring social justice, the dynamic single is titled, “Livelihood” and emboldens aggrieved daily wage workers to fight for their rights and fairness in the workplace.

A track which has a meaningful and layered foundation underscoring it, Uptick continues to push boundaries and reinvent his musical ethos. “Livelihood” itself marks a powerful song which resonates with listeners and provides a refreshing, bold, and impassioned perspective on a pressing issue.

A call for each union member to rally to the cause and demand fair treatment in the workplace, “Livelihood” is a bold and stirring catalyst for conversations regarding fighting for equal wages, fair working conditions, and equality in the workplace.

Traditionally, picket lines have employed bullhorns, unified chants, and group dynamics to steer attention towards their message. However, with his electric new track, the seasoned artist employs a memorable, infectious beat to elevate the struggles that workers have to continually face.

“A song for the millions of union represented workers everywhere. For the first time, there is now a song they can march to. A song they can take to the fight,” says Uptick regarding his new single.

Providing millions of workers with a medium of expression, Uptick aims to empower audiences and add a striking tool in their arsenal- a track around which people could be effectively united and rallied towards a common goal.

Download Uptick’s groundbreaking new release “Livelihood”, add it to your playlists, and stream the single on all official music streaming platforms! Be sure to contact your union representatives along with all of your coworkers to tell them about this powerful new release! Follow the artist on Facebook to keep track of his spellbinding journey with music.



Paul Molenberg, better known by his artistic identity Uptick, is a Dance trailblazer, who is doing a lot more than just creating melodic beats. Empowering underrepresented masses with his captivating appeal, the guitarist-songwriter marks a formidable feat with his new release- “Livelihood.” The clever, bold, and electric track cloaks listeners with a catchy beat and meaningful lyricism that accurately paints the picture of their plight. Something that can be played loudly and with purpose, Uptick’s new track is bound to get attention and relay a clear message from an artist who is here to stay.


Name: Paul Molenberg




Source: ArtistPR