Internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter and actor AMARU released his 10th. single to date on 25 February 2020! The “single mix” and the “radio mix” of “Never”, the only ballad on his two time Global Music Awards GOLD debut album, is a tribute to his maternal grandmother who passed away from breast cancer in 1981. The single is released on the 39th. anniversary of her home going. Especially for this release, AMARU recorded new and additional vocals. The music video features visuals that, combined with the lyrics, convey the message splendidly, yet at the same time it pays homage to a very special member of his family. The long version of “Never” appears on Amaru’s award-winning debut album “Champagne Attitude”. Amaru’s new single is available on all major outlets of digital music. The music video is available on his official website as well as on his official Youtube music channel AMARU MUSIC.

“Never” Song Credits:
Written by: AMARU
Produced by: AMARU and Marcel van Ling
Vocal arrangements by: AMARU
All vocals by: AMARU
Recorded, mixed & mastered by: Marcel van Ling at MoSound Studio (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands)
Original version appears on the award-winning debut album “CHAMPAGNE ATTITUDE”
Published by: AMARU MUSIC

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