ALF Unveils Debut Single, “Tired of Being Nice”

Manchester-based artist ALF is proving why he is one of the most talked-about social media stars and soon to-be artists with the release of his first track “Tired of Being Nice,” out today via TikTok’s new distribution platform, SoundOn. The song is available now on all streaming platforms.

An instantly infectious and punchy track – produced by Alex Quinn (Michael Aldag, Katy Alex) and mixed and mastered by Mike Cave (Lewis Capaldi, Nicole Sherzinger, Bodyrockers) – “Tired of Being Nice” is dedicated to all the people in your life who take your kindness for weakness and don’t appreciate your efforts. Of the single, ALF says, “Tired of Being Nice is about the resentment and release felt after gritting your teeth for so long and trying to give your all to somebody who doesn’t value your intentions. I wanted it to be a bit sarcastic too with the ‘slashing your tyres’ and ‘setting your house on fire’ lines too because I always sway towards sarcasm whenever I feel misunderstood. I recorded this song twice previously before meeting Alex and we finally got it to sound exactly how I intended it to, an angry pop song with a punchy beat to make it not sound too serious because it’s not a serious song. I remember listening to the final version back over and over with relief that it finally sounded how I imagined.”

With his witty attitude, signature over-the-top sunglasses, and fluffy bucket hats, ALF has already cultivated a huge online following off the back of his food and lifestyle TikTok videos (over 190k followers and 15 million likes). Having already conquered social media, working with some of the UK’s biggest brands (Admiral, McDonald’s, KAYAK, Taco Bell, Atlantic Records) now he is showing that he has a sound all of his own, and the capabilities to create big, captivating pop music with a raw edge to it.

ALF was born in Cheshire in 2004, surrounded by a musically-obsessed family who was constantly singing and blaring music, it was no surprise to them when he started to explore musical likings of his own. His childhood spent with his Mum listening to Adele, Kate Nash and Lily Allen and him singing along quietly, quickly turned into him learning all of the songs from 2007’s Hairspray and performing them for the family after watching it with his Mum. Taking inspiration from his auntie Emma, who had written and recorded music of her own in Abbey Road Studios (The Beatles, Adele, Amy Winehouse) from a young age, he knew music was embedded in him and someday wanted to create a sound of his own. After writing and recording his own music for the past 4 years and with his large online fanbase eagerly waiting to hear more, now is ALF’s time to share his music to the world.


Connect with ALF:
Instagram – @whosalf
TikTok – @whosalf
YouTube – @whosalf