ALAIVE AGAIN: NRVT Heads Back to London from Los Angeles

ALAIVE AGAIN: NRVT Heads Back to London from Los Angeles

Van Nuys, Los Angeles, USA, May 20, 2020 — Being a journalist in demand NRVT reassures our session by opening a vegan briefcase, like a swiss army knife, with one half stacked with £50.00 pound notes and the other half with $100.00 dollar notes. ‘Half is for London and half is for Hollywood.’ NRVT reveals he is willing to give up half the case for something – ‘elegant, fair, good atmosphere.’ A field of peyote, Bolivian torches, and Peruvian torches, are not on the menu.

To be honest, NRVT exclaims he does not know how much longer he can take giving to the music business. ‘Started talking to a few production companies on a few ideas. Education and posterity cannot wait – must be managed. Coronavirus has accelerated the ways of the virtual world and the digital world.’

If it is true history repeats itself like the wall street waltz then it is only a matter of time before NRVT releases another song. NRVT shifts his mind to the Caribbean just like a man shifts his eyes over a sexy woman walking past in a snug shift dress.

The funny thing about it is while NRVT was in Jamaica there were some dogs running around. One dog, in particular, was pointed out. ‘That’s Hitler!’ Such a menacing dog – ready to pounce on anybody who dared to approach. So the next time NRVT went to Jamaica he asked – ‘Where’s Hitler?’ The answer was… Hitler was getting too much so somebody put some poison in the dog’s food, so you not going to see Hitler anymore… The End.

Wow – when your heart skips a beat – just hope it is in the right direction. Coronavirus has claimed so many lives yet add those figures with world hunger and starvation and life and newborns are still coming out on top. So spread love, make more babies, good over evil, life over death.

“ALAIVE AGAIN” the 7th single of NRVT, giving thanks for life, the official release date is Friday 29th May 2020. Check for pre-release from 25th May onwards. “ALAIVE AGAIN” can be found on Amazon Music, iTunes, and other online stores. NRVT is signed with the label, Baggy Music Entertainment.

NRVT says ‘It’s Alright’ he just working on getting back to London from LA amidst social distancing. When Big Bird from Sesame Street asked Boris Johnson about the Coronavirus he said the epidemic had passed its beak.

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