Acclaimed Nashville Songwriter Gets Sober, Announces New EP, Releases New Single

(photo: Jaclyn Yundt)

Nashville, Tennessee [August 11, 2023] — On August 11, renowned multi-instrumentalist and genre-hopping songwriter Andrew Adkins will release “No Hesitation Wounds.” A recently sober Adkins, sings about his ongoing battle with anxiety on the new single. “For many reasons over the years, I have found comfort in the bottle. I used to drink to celebrate, drink when I was having a bad day, drink to relax, and try to reduce my anxiety,” declared the songwriter. “Most people drink to help them curb their nervousness, but they soon learn that has the opposite effect over time.” Late in 2022, Andrew made the decision to end his decades-long relationship with alcohol. He immediately went into the studio to write and record what became the forthcoming EP, Birdcage Boy. ”No Hesitation Wounds” addresses Andrew’s ongoing struggle with social anxiety, which recently forced an abrupt end to his touring and live performances. The lyrics’ apparent dismay and the music’s sense of urgency make the point very clear. However, the irresistible groove, memorable vocals, and uplifting beat seem to win you over in the end.

The six-song EP, Birdcage Boy is Adkins’ most intimate body of work to date. The songs really grab you right away and seem to keep you interested the entire time, from the opening ominous title track with Mellotron, vintage synths, and gloomy imagery to the introspective, guitar-jangling, alt-roots of “Scars.” Since day one, Andrew Adkins’ secret weapon and endearing quality has been not knowing what to expect. With each new release, the songwriter likes to stray from the norm and keep the audience guessing. Andrew, who also plays all the instruments, produced, wrote, mixed, and engineered the entire musical project. Birdcage Boy is a preview of what’s to come. The half-dozen songs were selected from a larger body of work that will be released in early 2024.

Birdcage Boy is available on September 8, 2023, on all major music streaming platforms.