A Lost Rare Recording featuring Art Neville Unearthed and Rediscovered – New Orleans Prodigy David Treadway Drops New Single

Paying homage to the inspirational and iconic legend Art Neville, David Treadway’s new single “Ain’t It Funny” is truly gripping.

New Orleans, Louisiana — November 18th, 2022 – Known for his innovative spirit and effortless ability to deliver expressive, moving, and thoughtful compositions, David Treadway is making a resurgent rise. With his funky new single, “Ain’t it Funny,” the gifted artist honors New Orleans’ acclaimed and legendary singer-songwriter Art Neville. “Ain’t it Funny,” features a rare musical contribution from Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Art Neville.

In memory of the Meters and Neville Brothers’ legendary artist Art Neville, “ Ain’t It Funny” marks a rediscovered original mix that weaves together Pop and Funk elements. Art Neville established a timeless, formidable, and everlasting legacy for himself, and with the inclusion of his rare musical contribution, “Ain’t it Funny” is elevated to another level.

All set to grace major music streaming platforms on December 17th, 2022, “Ain’t it Funny” is an inventive and riveting musical composition that will surprise all fans. An original, stunning, and authentic New Orleans Pop-Funk track, “Ain’t it Funny” was David Treadway’s very first studio recording.

During the construction of Art Neville’s Treehouse Studio, sound engineer and designer Eric Kolb christened the new studio with this inaugural recording by David Treadway. While passing by the studio, Mr. Neville became intrigued by the unique funky beats being created and asked to become a part of the project.

In the next few weeks, “ Ain’t It Funny” was recorded in New Orleans in December of 1995. However, due to the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Katrina, David Treadway believed that all master recordings were lost and gave up on the track. It was much later in 2021 that the single’s digital audio masters were recovered, and the record found a second life!

Regrettably, most of the video masters for the recording were lost, and only a low-quality VHS survived. Now 27 years later, David Treadway is planning on releasing the enrapturing and magnetizing single on what would have been Art Neville’s 85th birthday.

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A skilled singer-songwriter who continues to innovate and inspire with his music, David Treadway is a true force. His stunning singles, which include “Forget About Me,” “Be with Me,” and “Waiting My Turn,” continue to strengthen his discography and have established him as New Orleans’ finest multi-media artist.

On December 31st, 2020, David Treadway dropped his first full-length LP, “I’m Really Strange,” displaying his effortless affinity for creating harmonious melodies and poignant songs. Coloring his music with a personal hue and with lessons from his inspirational past, the rising star evokes memories of a simpler, nostalgic time. Having seen losses and gains throughout life, David Treadway is on a fantastic journey towards success.


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