Ushering a New Era of Hip Hop in a Saturated Industry – Rising Artist Mike Gesus Enthrals in Latest Single

Collaboratng with legendary R&B singer Nate Dogg’s son Nhale, the song is destined for immediate success

Portland, Oregon – Mike Gesus is an up and coming singer and songwriter who is creating waves in the world of hip hop, even as a young musician. On February 18th, 2022, Mike Gesus is releasing his latest single, which is a much awaited collaboration between Mike Gesus, Nhale, and Hilltopp.

This single, titled ‘Bout That Action’, is one of the many examples of just how promising Mike Gesus’ career is, even at such a young age. The song gives its listeners an energetic feeling full of emotion and passion – it is somehow fun but serious at the very same time. What makes Mike Gesus and his discography so unique is the fact that it is the perfect blend of Midwest West Coast Southern music and rap. Drawing a lot of inspiration from titans of the hip hop industry, such as 2 Chains, Mac, Dre, Lil Boosie, Webbie, Tupac, and 50 Cent, Mike Gesus manages to create music that has his characteristic flair – something that artists spend decades trying to achieve.

Coupling upbeat and rhythmic undertones with powerful instrumentals and soulful melodies, Mike Gesus sings his heart out every time he performs. He is motivated everyday is the desire to succeed for his five kids. Despite being non religious, he is probably the most spiritual artist on the block today, something that is reflected in his lyricism as well.

As a budding artist with a lot of promise, Mike Gesus aspires to continue his growth as an artist and as a human being. He aims to collaborate with more mainstream artists along the way, and he also plans to release a five-track EP with Daddy Backwood in the near future as well. Being ever so ambitious, Mike Gesus has also announced recently the release of ‘The Takeoff’, a nine track EP, that will hopefully help skyrocket him to mainstream fame in no time.

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Hailing from Milawaukee Wisconsin, Mike Gesus is the most exciting young hip hop artist on the scene today. Currently residing in Portland, Oregon, Mike Gesus has moved back and forth throughout his life and considers both cities very dear to his heart and calls both of them his hometown. Mike Gesus has been making music for the past 15 years, but he very recently decided to start release his projects to the public eye. He is still an up and coming musician with stellar potential, and he is very excited to work through the record label he built – G Files ENT- and to release multiple projects including two track EPs and four singles.


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