Up-and-Coming Artist Uses His Career to Tell Stories as Much as He Makes Music: Wibby White’s New Single “Soo Alone” Out now

Wibby White’s new single “Soo Alone” takes his dark moments, and invites the listener to be there alongside him

Miami, Florida — Wibby White with his new single “Soo Alone” is ready to take on the world of R&B as he journeys within himself. To bring to the forefront a musical experience that will have his listeners not only coming back for seconds, but much more. All as he seeks to make his mark on the wider industry.

Soo Alone” is a track that speaks to the multitude of experiences that Wibby White has had as an artist and human being. As he always tries to bring to the tray his true and lived experiences that have impacted him and made him into the person that he is today.

Every track of Wibby is a journey, where he tries to take you along for the ride, and makes you feel things that he would have felt, and experiences. In this, Wibby makes sure that every experience of his can move something within his listeners and make them feel. His newest single “Soo Alone” is a testament of all these things.

Drawing from multiple influences like, Bruno Mars, Luther Vandross, Sam Smith. He gets into the minds of his listeners and makes them experience the song on a whole new level, fully, by presenting them the depth present within it at all levels.

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Wibby White   An Art School Graduate,  was someone who took a liking to art from the very beginning as he was drawn to it. Hence it would come as no surprise to him that he would eventually settle on becoming a social artist years later. Hoping to guide the industry to a new higher standard, by innovating within it, Wibby is an artist who ensures that everything that he does has depth and meaning to it, never wanting to make a song just for the sake of doing so. As he crafts his music, he hopes that his listeners are there alongside him in this process, relating with him all throughout it.  Wibby White is currently seeking collaborations both creatively and in business. Managers, A&Rs, DJs, Booking Agents, Producers, Radio and Media, Or Licensing Deals, Percentage Based Only.

CONTACT: Pandemonium Productions Worldwide ENT. C/O WIBBY WHITE..
Address: 160 NW 176 street, Suite 304, Miami, Florida
Email: Pandemoniumproductionsworldwide@yahoo.com


Facebook: www.facebook.com/wibby.white.1
Instagram: www.instagram.com/therealwibbywhite/?hl=en
Twitter: twitter.com/mrwibbywhite
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/wibbywhite
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SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/user-526836162
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LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/wibby-ormondo-white-84b4b163/


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